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Apple: iPhone 11 Pro, latest iPads and Apple Watches revealed | USA TODAY

Apple unveils new Apple Watches, latest iPads and iPhones with multiple cameras.

The tech giant announced the new iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro during an event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

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  1. So how is it like harder to break or what what makes it special

  2. This makes no sense. They trolled tf outta y’all w the xs & xs max. Apple is moving backwards.

  3. 700 for a phone that does the same thing? what changed since the iphone 5 besides like 4 things?😐

  4. But why do you need it if you got all these other phones that do the same 😣 Why apple

  5. Lmao! They phones look like tarantula eyes 😷

  6. I wanna see that so accesible price from Apple

  7. Bullshit !!!
    This is the best product ever created !!!
    This is the newest of the newest!!!
    No other apple product was created like this !!!!
    This is what we worked for
    This is the result of bla bla bla !!!!
    Bullshit !!!!
    I have apple devices
    iPads for all my 3 children
    iMac and Iwatch for my wife
    iPad for me as well
    4 iPhones X currently
    But this , this is just bullshit 😂

  8. I have the xr and I do not plan on buying these alien looking phones💀

  9. STOP COMING OUT WITH NEW IPHONES!!!!!!! Jesus let us enjoy our iPhone X for another 3 years 😂

  10. 3 cameras Samsung already did that. Lame Apple.

  11. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave. Apple went to shit.

  12. The iPhone 11 looks like shit. 😂😂 it's literally just an XR with another camera. What a waste. 😂

  13. So much negativity in the comments, if you can’t afford it or not a fan of apple. Please stay in your android lane 👌🏽

  14. Everybody’s talking about price but are we gonna talk about how ugly this phone is? It’s hideous

  15. I think I’m going to stick with my iPhone 8 Plus

  16. Same phone with a few stupid cameras.I seen people raving just about them putting the word "pro" on it.. Literally everything Iphone and iwatch and Ipad do or can do every samsung or cheap smart watch has been able to do for years. nothing new. Just a higher price same notch.

  17. no 5G……… where is Jobs? now that Ive is gone, it is yet to get worse…….

  18. Why is this on my "news" feed surely it's just a advertisement ( for shit I don't want or need ) .

  19. Zzzz… innovation, best ever, blah blah… This is the most advance pile of bullload, yet!

  20. Just buy a dslr 🤦🏽‍♂️ dam Apple

  21. I went from a Samung to an Iphone X, and It's horrible. I went from a 92% battery down to 12% in 2 hours, I removed so many apps, it's absolute trash! Will be going back to a Samsung!!

  22. iPhone pro: “for people who want to be pro, but who aren’t really pro” WTF so posers then? 🤷‍♂️

  23. I feel like Apple is telling me that I should upgrade to a Samsung

  24. Why so many cámaras one for us an the others for the government to spy on us they bring these new phones just so we could waist money an make Apple richer

  25. the camera has to pop out like that? no other solution?

  26. I’m only getting one if it is not AT&T due to at&t has a long history of mistreating me by not letting me use my phone without WiFi and providing me with poor phone services.

  27. Will this shit ever end? All these people are paying a month's rent for is an extra lens and a slightly larger battery life that'll give out and need replacement in 3 months anyway (in typical Apple fashion). Oh and for the brand name too of course, the shallow morons.

  28. Pass. My 6sPlus still going strong

  29. They really finessing y'all with all these stupid ass iPhone that are really the same product maybe a tiny bit more adavced

  30. Ugh, native advertising. F off with this USA Today.

  31. The iPhone actually took 3 steps back in design, not to mention the painstaking knoch..

  32. Useless white people are becoming more useless.

  33. So zero major upgrades but more expensive? I laugh at anyone that buys this garbage. You are paying for the little apple on your phone not an actual technological advancement. Apple hasnt been relevant since steve jobs died

  34. Why do these guys look like Steve Jobs lol

  35. What a homo. iPhone 11 is hideous. Looks like terminal cancer

  36. They robbing our money for one Device my iphone xs max are more than good. To throw a 1099$ for å new phone every year its like a throwing your money out of the glass

  37. Steve Jobs would be disappointed

  38. Why do idiots still support this company?

  39. Enough with these $1,000 phones that are obsolete in 8 months. I can buy a desktop computer that can do more and stay relevant longer for less.

  40. Why is the new apple line news worthy? do all companies get this exposure? Do better please.

  41. Not a sucker to buy Apple products.

  42. I hear, that they have dangerous radiation levels. The Dr. Ross Adey low frequency control of our brains, and nervous system is a present danger… Please pray for the future Kingdom of God, and the global changes then to occur. Isaiah 35:4-7

  43. Release a smaller, cheaper iPhone se 2, or whatever, and I’ll be interested in buying another iPhone. I’m not keen on buying another Apple product if they don’t offer cheaper alternatives.

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