Saturday , July 24 2021
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Apple set to unveil new iPhone on Tuesday

Loup Ventures Managing Partner Gene Munster examines the features on the new iPhone being released on Tuesday and Apple’s stock value. #FoxBusiness

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  1. The new iPhone crappie XG1 that only suckers buy when will you learn that your being ripped off stop buying crap.

  2. Right same thing as before

  3. Apple makes new phone's🤔?
    How apple alone makes new phone's?

  4. I’m keeping my old 6S plus

  5. It'll be way too expensive as per usual and Samsung will still outsell it.

  6. As long as iphone is made in communist china,we should stop buying it also other apple products.

  7. add it will be the same as last years…

  8. Will get a Huawei Mate 30Pro at a half price with better stats )))

  9. If the 5G antenna in the phone sucks the battery dry what you think those emissions gonna do next to your head or in your pocket by your junk all day? 💀

  10. 5G, gonna bring the next round of unexplained cancers to your town. 😀👍

  11. Will it report me to HARPA? (yes HARPA not DARPA). Look it up.

  12. Apple set to unveil new iPhone on Tuesday
    Yep just what American needs right now….another Chinese product
    If it's not made in America…it's not American!

  13. since I have a dtek from bb i was amazed that angry birds is using your microphone almost all the time, that facebook messenger, badoo, cortana etc are using your phone in the background up to 20times per minute by sending location with other data constantly. these are real causes of draining your battery. after few days tens of thousands of registered activities. it was TERRIFYING. now every app has to ask for each access

  14. The latest and advance phone today will become obsolete in the next 6 years

  15. So why are they showing HK protests while this guy talks about cameras? ahhaha wth?

  16. Oh GREAT. MORE PROPGANDA . Anyone else notice the blackmans hand with the white womans hand…..

  17. What's in this thing? Why, it listens and tracks you

  18. Wow.. I thought Fox views loved US companies… so what do you use? Chinese Huawei or Korean Samsung?

  19. I wonder what apple limits it’s users on these new phones?

  20. When is Apple manufacturing coming back to the US?

  21. Get your new iPhone for the price of a used car…seriously how do people afford this junk? That's right…they cant. They just charge up those credit cards…

  22. The new iOrangeManBad Pro + XL, only 4999$ minus fast charger

  23. Who cares? I'm getting a Librem 5 open source phone

  24. we do not need 5g . Stuff is working just fine. All it will produce is more emf radiation poisoning .

  25. Does the phone disable itself when the user has wrong think.

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