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Apple’s new iPhone is competing on price for the first time ever

MarketWatch Technology Editor Jeremy Owens says the new iPhone’s price is the biggest takeaway from Tuesday’s Apple event.

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  1. This man talks rubbish dont buy it…save your money….

  2. Not everyone cares about Star Wars. Disney has it's base but there is room for 2-3 more platforms.

  3. Blah blah blah blah Appel must In Truth Convince me!

  4. Good to see Apple caring about their customers and selling an affordable phones 📱 that won’t break easily either

  5. My Galaxy S8 can tell me health

  6. Apple with variety of variant product's and version's giving competition to other electronic fruit's.
    Name it apple and logo will be a bitten apple.

  7. Iphone 11 compares to Huawei Flagship phones lack in so many areas including 5G technologies and camera capabilities….. It is the main reason Iphone sales went down and will continue due to lack of innovations. Huawei Rules !

  8. I just switch from Samsung to iPhone, and I love it. The reason? Because my daughter also uses an iPhone. iMessage and FaceTime is very convenience to communicate

  9. Apple products are overpriced garbage.

  10. I never saw any one who moves his eyebrows that much while he is talking. I was focused on that more than what he is saying.

  11. Just out of curiosity these apple smart watchers monitoring your vitals can it tells if you're masturbating or your heart is just raising & it automatic send an ambulance to your location just outta curiosity

  12. When they put eight cameras on the back I’ll think about buying it.

  13. They milk you enough as it is as a captive consumer.

  14. Yeah, that's all i need to have the watch on my wrist telling me every second what my hart rate is to remind me even more of my stress.

  15. If you Buy Apple you are a Shitty American
    Just like Faux News Whores

  16. More expensive stuff that we don't need. A remake of Frogger? Really?


  18. IOS haters 99 %
    Don't just sit still

  19. 1000$ lol this people is funny ,only a commercial brain wash person will buy this crap.

  20. Apple is expensive but android is for poor people 🤮😂😂😂😂

  21. Apple’s new iPhone is competing on price for the first time ever?
    China will be pleased….as for the American worker?…looking for a good job?…
    Let's face it…communist phones only help communist workers…
    Made In America….makes it American….No if's buts or and's

  22. As greedy as Apple is they hate giving so much sales to android.

  23. I still have and use an IPhone 4S………(beta software) program.

  24. So this is another year with Social Justice Warrior homosexual Tim Cook and his failed non-innovative product line. They keep wondering why sales are a failure and Apple stocks keep dropping. Cook thinks the way to win is go full Gaystapo on individuals, corporations and states.

  25. Apple has been ripping off their customers ever since they entered the market. I don't trust that company…period.

  26. It better. Phones from 5 years ago are still perfectly usable. And I can get a perfectly good smart phone for 100 bucks. No joke.

  27. Cheeper?!!! In what world are they living In! I'll stick to my new 35$ Samsung galaxy 7. It's cheap and works great!

  28. In-house Panic, otherwise apple wouldn't even give away salt water…

  29. Same old BS! 🤣😂🤣😂

  30. Apple wants your money, and that's it. The forbidden fruit of the serpent 🍎

  31. Louis Rossmann repair, need I say more?

  32. CrAPPLE, stinks. I wouldn't buy their products for any price.

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