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Are the Red Sox playoff hopes dead & which Astro will win AL Cy Young? | MLB WHIPAROUND

The MLB WhipAround crew debates which Astro, Justin Verlander or Gerrit Cole, will win the AL Cy Young and discusses whether or not the Red Sox playoff hopes are completely gone.

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Are the Red Sox playoff hopes dead & which Astro will win AL Cy Young? | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. Who is your pick for AL Cy Young: Justin Verlander or Gerrit Cole?

  2. “There’s nothing more exciting than two guys feeding off each other.”


  3. There not dead but there on life support

  4. Sox seem to be done for only because they don't seem to have depth.

  5. Red Sox miss playoffs, cole wins cy young, and Astros by far the best team in the mlb win the fall classic.

  6. The Sox are gonna make a comeback trust me

  7. New York Yankees will be your 2019 Champions.

  8. Verlander best pitcher this year once Ryu got hurt. That WHIP is dang low

  9. Verlander and Ryu are shoe ins in my opinion

  10. Who remembers when D-Train was the best pitcher in baseball!

  11. Really disappointing eight game loosing streak they need to get it together

  12. No the Red Sox’s are done. They look like a dead team that doesn’t look confident.

  13. Bieber, Morton, Berrios, and Minor all have a good shot

  14. We not worried bout which one of our guys gets the Cy Young. We got our eyes on the world series boys 😤

  15. Rough part for the Red Sox pitching staff and jerry remy said it and Chris sale said it last season they got away with more they could miss over the plate and get away with it and this year teams just aren’t missing their mistakes they are taking them out of the park. I think they need to stop worrying about the playoffs and take this time to get back to having fun like they did last year that’s what’s missing you can tell they are tired they don’t trust each other and they aren’t having fun and on top of a short off season it just is a recipe for a rough season.

  16. Man fox sports baseball is so boring… "Well I think every team will win it all this year"

  17. Too late with the buttons and buttkicks.
    Time to scan the list of the best golf courses in October.

  18. Red Sox still hungover from last yr it k🍺🥃🌿

  19. How did Mr. Stutter get a job with Fox…

  20. No the Red Sox cannot turn it around. Chris Sale is not the same guy. His fastball velocity is down to the 54th percentile his Hard Hit % is up 10% from years past. 5-10 4.68 ERA.

  21. I'm so happy the red Sox are having a hang over Yankees in 7 over the Astros

  22. C'mon Red Sox, don't fold, make a race.

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