Argentina elects Javier Milei as new president after polarizing election

After a polarizing election, right-wing economist and TV personality Javier Milei won the presidential race in Argentina after a heated runoff with economy minister Sergio Massa. The nation has been plagued by soaring inflation, an issue Milei campaigned on and promised to tackle once in office. NBC News’ Steven Romo takes a look into Milei’s plans for the country’s future.

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  1. The leftists pushed them to this. The woke campaign to destroy the West is being understood by the regular people. We will end the leftist scourge. And no amount of U.S. money and government evil will work to destroy him. We know they will try to ruin him

  2. How to, be bought and paid for by would-be criminal enterprise retaining far to much ill gotten gain. Happy to be children's ill from rapaging maga.

  3. Trump and Him, unstoppable

  4. Because your country has 100% inflation is not an excuse to go fascist. I cry for Argentina.

  5. Get ready for the Argentinian January six

  6. I saw the thumbnail and actually thought the guy was on a movie trailer portraying to be in the 1970s or a comedy actor😂, not an actual politician. But that's Latin America 😂

  7. aw, i thought he was going to be a smart guy, like professor beast from xmen

  8. Looks like Argentina just elected their own Emanuel Goldstein!
    Newspeak NBC will be keeping a close on you Javier…..from time to time.
    Now, the prole trolls will be triggered!

  9. This guy looks straight outta the 70's

  10. Socialist values…. rapacious theft, envy, violence, division, and control.

  11. Lol another Trump clone.. there's one in every country nowadays 😂

    I'm sure of that bc my country has one too 😂

  12. This has got to worry all the Communist Democrats in this country. Trump 2024!!

  13. We need to have him debate Joey Baby Biden. Biden’s head would just explode

  14. He literally looks like an SNL Tucker Carlson

  15. Why did that thumbnail image of this guy make me think this was a trailer for a movie with Zac Efron made into an older guy with stage makeup for some weird role hahaha 🤦🏼‍♀️

  16. When the left wing loses, its 'Polarizing'

    When the left wing wins, its 'Unifying'

    The Media is a Cancer.

  17. Democrats and democracy , are a cancer on every country!

  18. Sweet let’s get people in power who really care about people. Not libtard woke BS

  19. Hyper inflation leads to extremism, imagine what will happen in the next global recession. Half the world seems to be voting for dictatorship in decent times.

  20. Haha he said anachro-capitalist

  21. He's a libertarian not an economic populist. The incumbent party is the Left wing Populist.

  22. This is going to be bad for Argentina. 😢

  23. Biden is watching this development closely.

  24. Hopefully, for the citizens, he will bring the $ as currency! 👍🇺🇲

  25. Madness is doing the same thing over and over again. At least Argentina is doing something new.

  26. looks like kino's back on the menu, lads

  27. Civil War in Argentina in 2 years. Milei is an incompetent fascist

  28. In about two years after he flies the economy completely into the ground, we can expect hundreds of thousands of Argentine refugees alongside the Venezuelans we already got…

  29. Argentina ❤. Renew . Heal ,

  30. Polarizing? Are you joking?

    32 mil resoundedly rejected left policies. All counted in one day so leftists couldn't add in votes.

  31. This guy destroyed a central bank pinata on tv. Cant wait to see how this all plays out.

  32. Made us vote for Tucker even further