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Ariana Grande suing Forever 21 for ad using "look-alike" model

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Napolitano on Ariana Grande’s lawsuit against Forever 21.

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  1. She only has a case if model is wearing 40lb's of bronzer trying to pretend to not be white… while selling young teen girl image to creepy men. It's almost like her entire appeal was designed as a Jeff Epstein PR ad.

  2. I just want to know who the model is so I can follow her

  3. Black people aren't suing her for using their image, so I don't know what she's mad about

  4. They don’t even look that much similar! It’s just the head piece that looks the same! Dress is different and no neckwear! Wtf?!!! She must be broke.

  5. What happened to all the fans THEY ARE ALL BACKSTABBERS im the only one thats a true fan what happens if someone killed ariana what ya gonna do

  6. I would've did the same advice- (stop copying my girl)

  7. The real 'flaw' here, is that Forever 21 stupidly took and used similar lyrics from one of Grande's songs (this blatantly making it obvious what they were trying to achieve). My personal belief here is that one can't copyright a hairstyle, nor that a person may have a hispanic bloodline, nor how someone may use hair props, nor that the scene is lit with a predominantly magenta color. It's not in my mind even important for how 'similar or close' the two people may look. In fact, I think the Forever 21 model is more representative of a 'clothing model' than Grande would ever be, due to their major weight and physique differences. For me, the two do not look alike, if you were to ask me which I would prefer to go on a date with, it would be the Forever 21 model. I think what more is going to matter in this case is the use of Grande's lyrics. It's unbelievable to me that upper management at Forever 21 would think using lyrics out of her song would be 'ok'. I feel, this mistake will be the smoking gun in this case. Maybe they will settle out of court.

  8. Dumb girl. She is going to spend legal fees and file against a company filing for chapter 11. Only one happy will be her lawyers.

  9. But Ariana has done and copied other artist songs and it’s just fine.

  10. korean conpany = copy conpany

    Forever 21




  11. Ariana needs a good sodomizing,,,,, meh,, I'd do it – then clean my shlong off on her curtain just to hear her scream again

  12. I thought an Ariana Grande was a coffee at Starbucks ? Who the hell cares !

  13. So now you can be sued if you happen to look too much like a rich celebrity? Better lock up the lookalike. Throw her in a deep, dark dungeon, and put her in an iron mask, so that no one will ever see that poor girl again. We wouldn't want anyone to mistake her for Ariana Grande, who happens to have a trademark on the other girl's face. This is insane. It would be one thing if they tried to falsely advertise it was Ariana Grande, but they didn't.

  14. To be fair, when you're a boring, cookie-cutter person, it's pretty easy to think other people look like you.

  15. They didn't look one damned bit alike.

  16. this is not just for using a look alike model, there is wayyy more to the story

  17. Well it could just be me,
    the look- alike is hotter then Ariana,
    Who's with me??

  18. Forever 21 girl looks better…….has a much longer neck……in other words if anyone looks similar to someone famous needs permission to do anything……. what rubbish Nappy man…….. Forever21 girl do you have a voice and can you sing, everyone is sick of the elitist's…..

  19. Ariana Grande should be sued for being an anti-American doughnut licker.

  20. Ain't thurr a poser chick who toured Disnay World in a video?


  22. Useless Idiots view FAUX NEWS

  23. If you enjoy lying and deceiving people, get a job in marketing.  Proves how companies just use people to buy their products and to sell them, as well.

  24. Ariana ruined mac millers life. She cheated on him and put him down on social media which made him abuse drugs more. Ariana is scum

  25. She’s a culture vulture who’s always trying to borrow off of cultures. She’s full of herself.

  26. Huh? I shop at Forever 51. AKA, Goodwill.

  27. I can't tell maybe if they weren't wearing clothes

  28. She’ll lose. Kim Kardashian tried this a few years ago. Prove she’s a look alike. She’s her own person

  29. LOL 🤣
    She is Mad because the model is way hotter than she is.

  30. There must nothing else going on in the world…

  31. All i heard was "stuck up pop star doesn't like herself."

  32. Model is hotter. Arianna looks like she ate too many donuts

  33. FAKE ONE is hotter


  35. You can tell it's a fake model cause fake model not licking donuts

  36. Talentless prostitute sues company ahhhh America.

  37. She's just mad the model is hotter

  38. If she wins hope she gives the money to charity or something she doesn't need more money

  39. Ariana enjoys sniffing her own farts.

  40. Almost any thin, young hispanic gal can look like Grande. Long smooth hair, make up application, posture can be esily mimicked. Innt imitation considered the best form of flattery?

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