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Ariel Castro kidnaps 3 teen girls in Cleveland, holds them captive for years | Nightline

Castro, a school bus driver, lured Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus into his home where he chained them, raped them and did not provide sufficient food or opportunity to shower.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Castro should have stayed alive longer and suffered in jail

  2. That bitch ass Ariel took his life in jail like the bitch he is!!! I hope these girls find their peace, I hope they can recover from this man, what a fucking coward. That isn’t justice for me.

  3. stupid drunk people this is why i almost died by my own dad when i was a baby..

  4. 4:15 "It's a familiar face"

    4:18 me: some black guy?

  5. It’s sad that Michelle knight was never on the radar. Nobody was looking for her.

  6. The real scary thing is that people are going through the exact same thing what they went through and we have no idea imagine how many young ladys and men and children we will find in people's houses we will find like millions it's scary the amount of trust there gonna have to gain is not healthy at all and he made 3 young ladys go through hell for several years but he k*lled himself after he was in a year in prison he's a monster change my mind.

  7. We eat ribs with this dude
    But we didnt have a clue

  8. At least they had each other to talk to

  9. Guys don't call him a pig

    It's disrespectful to the pigs

  10. they call burger kind murder king because people get shot at burger king… apparently they also get kidnapped.

  11. calling a baby the best thing ever that has the genes of a rapist is just crap

  12. I honestly can’t even wrap my mind around this situation. The evil and pure torture they went through. The strength in these women is incredible. There really is hell on earth.

  13. What were the neighbors doing, were they so busy toh not even find who lives besides them? So basically humans don't care abt other humans they just care sbt money and wealth.

  14. I wonder how many people will be found if every house in the United States got looked through.

  15. Can somebody plz tell me how they manage to escape

  16. The police didn't question Ariel Castro

  17. The saddest thing is that she doesn’t have her son now.

  18. Gina sounds like a child still, almost like she never grew up. And Michelles story was just god awful I feel bad for all these girls.

  19. I know this story is old. But I see a repeated mistake that was made. Parents please teach your children not to get into cars with strangers and men. It does not matter if it’s their friends father or their fathers friend. All of these young ladies put their trust into him enough to get into his car and it sadly led them to trauma and horrific things.

  20. anyone watching this kind of videos all night XD

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