Arizona Coronavirus Rate Skyrockets, Has Fastest Growth Rate In U.S. | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard reports on the fastest coronavirus growth rate in the United States from Arizona where the numbers spiked after Governor Doug Ducey reopened the state.
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Arizona Coronavirus Rate Skyrockets, Has Fastest Growth Rate In U.S. | NBC News NOW


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  2. All about the $$$. Sad.

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  4. Cases cases cases lol

  5. This feels like a nationwide Katrina smh..

  6. Wear your mask or tape your mouth.

  7. Ma Covid has shown us more stupid people, can affect young, old, can endure heat and the aftermath is bad. She adds “I will not magically go away”.

  8. As an RN in AZ I ask you to Please notify Arizonians that CVS has 64 sites open now for free drive through covid testing. We need to test EVERYONE as our little "ember" as trump calls it….is a flat out raging, forest fire! BTW, discussing opening schools here in AZ, is like discussing whether or not we should throw gas on this fire. Also everyone, please try to educate the trumpers in your world being lied to daily by Fox/trump. If I hear one more positive trumper say…..I really didn't BELIEVE it was going to be this bad….%$#%$@!! As a brand new virus, we have no idea about it's long term affects. We are finding that it is invading organs other than the lungs. It is migrating to the liver, pancreas, & the brain. Many young people with no pre-exsisting conditions are DYING. Yet they are CHOOSING to be misinformed by FOX/trump, it's nuts!

  9. What's up folks, check this out!! This is my video about the coronavirus. @MGwg

    When I said something about the cases and tips, I meant "here in Arizona".

  10. I hate that news of 2 weeks ago is on a browser.

  11. Arizona opens bars, gyms, and movie theaters….what did you think was going to happen.

  12. This virus is mutating..This virus is spreading in Arizona's 112 degrees in this magnitude..This whole country is up for a world of hurt this summer and fall..I live here in AZ and these idiots here are not taking this virus seriously..

  13. Arizona no rain extremely hot extremely dry extremely good growth for coronavirus than you got in Arizona hantavirus and valley fever and a Zillion fleas if you are that dumb live in that state go for it

  14. All that corona-laden cooled-down air, endlessly recirculating, the virus filtered out by people's lungs.

  15. Where it is going? …bodies on the street.

  16. Guess they need to start burning down the cities so the media will call them good boys and girls and COVID disappears.

  17. Gee, hold a rally. Real smarrt!

  18. Dr Zach Bush reputable and knowledgeable. This is a very good interview on the current situation. It's long but worth listening to.

  19. MR.TRUMP answer the US CITIZENS. Why US intelligence agencies did not predict the China virus in Nov.2019.Included my brother more than 120,000 innocent Americans died because of your administration 's negligence.Your administration should be prepared the China virus attack since Nov. 2019.America first is wrong, it should be American First!

  20. I always felt like Arizona was Florida if it was a desert.

  21. I’m amazed every day about the people I see outside without masks, and walking around in groups. 88% of ICU beds are taken , if there’s even a bigger surge suddenly doctors may have to choose who lives and dies

  22. Dummie will still re elect the 🐢

  23. Maybe people just need to learn the hard way. Once everyone knows someone personally who has died, maybe only then will people take the disease seriously. In the meantime, more frontline and healthcare workers will die.

  24. How many DEATH'S? No Fear

  25. I started wearing face mask since March. Everywhere I went I felt like I was the only one had face mask on in Arizona and I was the only one practicing social distancing in Mesa, Arizona. Now Arizona has the highest rate of coronavirus growth rate. This does not surprise me at all.

  26. All these new corona cases and no one is sick? Hospitals are still empty

  27. People cannot stay inside forevermore! People have to support their families. The Government cannot continue to support everyone eventually the money is going to run out! And finding a cure is way off for a year or two getting out for the people. So tell us what you consider the right thing to do beside bashing the President and those who trying to keep us a float! You have no objective! And yes everyone will probably will get it! But we hav e to live and take care of our families!!!!!!!!!

  28. Seems to me, folks hear are more concern with their rights for freedom than their health. Also turned into a political party stance. Yes it’s more than ignorance.

  29. Hardly anyone wears a mask 😷 out here in point pleasant WV or in Gallipolis Ohio. My family won’t take it seriously

  30. It is careless and reckless behavior! How hard is it to wear a fing mask 😷 people.

  31. I'll see you all there love from the virus and the angel of death 😷🤪😷😈😷😈😷😈😷😈😷🤪😷🤪😷🤪😷

  32. As long as it the plump supporters and the big plump himself that get it… and they will because they are all moronic asshats who think they are "protected" somehow. No loss!

  33. Arizona also is huge for child traffickers.
    But..nothing is done

  34. invoke amendment 25 to remove trump now, 120,000 dead and rising