Thursday , June 17 2021
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Arkansas Gov. on pipeline cyberattack: We need to have multiple energy sources

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson discusses the impact of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, arguing ‘one pipeline can have such an impact on the East Coast.’

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  1. Biden is destroying us!

  2. Old men saying ‘in the old days’ has always been a way to progress society. 😒

  3. no, we need to not have everything connected to the internet.

  4. Anyone else think are government is are the hackers and they did this to make us buy electric vehicles. Hmmmm kinda fishy ant it

  5. We need a president that takes care of americans

  6. We need a president that takes care of americans

  7. I blame all the biden voters

  8. Went to the bank today, computer slow, my phone slow. We better learn how to do math and how to live without computer run everything, Easier to hack than oil distribution.

  9. Hack a pipeline. Hack an election.

  10. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today…

  11. And there saying his approval rating is 63 % yeah right !

    Especially when its deliberately depleted

  13. Some of you may dislike windmills and solar panels, but keep in mind that these products make it more difficult for enemies to shut down your power.

  14. Less of a price than having people staying at home.

  15. So molten salt reactors fuel that we have already mined and processed and a process for using it that is at least 10 x safer than current reactors is much cheaper and very abundant three things I like alot and if the government were to build a plant to build these reactors it would have a manor source of income in burdening the tax payer 🙂

  16. How about we get the Right guy back in Office that NEVER LOST! We wouldn’t have this Problem , This so called administration Is A complete JOKE!!!

  17. Elections have consequences.

  18. Congress & Biden have been investigating in cyber security by filling our colleges & tech institutions with foreign nationals giving them technology know how to attack USA sovereignty & security!

  19. The bottom line is between spent fuel rods and material like thorium and repeated unarnium we have more power than all fossil fuel ever burned sitting waiting to us to use . If Biden was the tiniest bit green he would want to deal with Americas greatest pollution problem that stuff at the top of the post and we can build molten salt reactors to burn that stuff down to were it would be relatively safe in 300 rather than 300,000 years we have already mined it why not use it?

  20. cyber this, cyber that. go back to manual operation. problem solved.

  21. Trump and his Russian allies are sabotaging us. 😮

  22. Joe is the one that did the cyber attack.

  23. Biden needs to be impeached!!!! Now!

  24. Guess where they getting the oil from ? IRAn 😂😂😂and these dumbasses bought oil stocks and at same time pushing for that green new deal, Market is in panic. Stocks are all red. What dumb president and idiots voters.

  25. It's hard for me to understand why people who are supposed to be intelligent, don't understand that shutting down construction of the Keystone pipeline has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with gasoline/diesel/jet fuel/heating oil shortages. Keystone has not and will never deliver one drop of refined petroleum products. STFU if you don't know what you're talking about. That includes governors and political commentators in the guise of news readers.

  26. I agree, we were caught with our pants down, This might be CREAM 🥧 PIE in the FACE, We should have backup, good infructure for BIDEN/HARRIS ADMINISTRATION to make a project that they can complish, for NATIONAL SECURITY, SAFETY and make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN


  28. Let's start changing things around in 2022 and then 2024.

  29. How much pain must we endure , knowing the Administration is "allowing" this to go on, Just buy electric cars or suffer.

  30. forced to buy across seems lose of money being made mobster way u suffer and pay for my wrong

  31. and the democrats want the "green new deal", guess what ? every one of those deals in the past like Solyndra, wind farms etc all have FAILED! went under, all those crooks had their hands in the cookie jar, they got rich off of our tax payers money!

  32. We need Burden Admonstration out!

  33. Wake-up call? Only time Biden wakes up is for his pudding.

  34. Perhaps if the GOP wasn’t so closed minded, they might’ve had an alternative energy source rather than rely on a single source.

  35. It"s not Russia, they don"t want to promote solar power, gee I wonder who dose? Gee I wonder who canceled the Keystone pipeline, to make us dependent on overseas oil again? When you wonder if your going to get fuel for your vehicles, think of " NO BRAINS BIDEN " and his sidekick " CACKELING KAMALA ".

  36. then comes the food shortage…. gonna get worse!

  37. Democrats are FORCING their agendas on us, Power shortage in Texas, Keystone and now Colonial pipelines (restart Keystone now ! ) Israel under attack, very bad.

  38. Who actually believed that a man with Dementia could be in charge of the world.😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Multiple energy sources is very smart. Oil will become the back-up fuel of the future no doubt because solar and wind is totally unfeasible in a nuclear winter type environment, if so nulcear war, astroid, or supervolcano eruption. Talk about not being ready for Covid? Do you really not want to be ready for these even larger disasters?

  40. Biden doesn't care for American people

  41. At least we know countries like Ukraine won't be depending on Biden's new useless idiotic Woke Joke incompetent Government for anything which is a great thing, they're going to have to figure out their own problems and be better off for it

  42. The pipeline isn’t our only source of oil, this smell fishy, who is getting rich from this, why isn’t Biden investigating who is behind this fraud.

  43. This complete bs, get Biden and his whole administration out.

  44. He wants those jobs for the illegals

  45. We still don't have a clear explanation about why Senile Old Joe bombed Syria or why he's done anything so far it's like he's making it up as he goes!

  46. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today…

  47. This all proof that Democrats don't want to advance an American agenda, and they can't protect us or KEEP US SAFE! That in itself is a violation of their oaths to uphold the constitution of the United states of America! ACCOUNTABILITY!

  48. Isnt anyone gonna talk about theres no leaves on the trees in that video clip of the has station vehicle line?

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