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Army dad runs off plane to meet newborn daughter | Militarykind

He was overseas when they found out they were pregnant. He was overseas when their baby girl was born. But her Army dad is here now. “Hi mi amor.”
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  1. It was touchingly beautiful to see the emotion leading up to the magical reunion of this family bonded by the depth and strength of their love for each other.

    Their adorable baby girl got to feel the loving touch of her father for the first time, to feel his kisses and hugs, and hear his words of comfort, love and adoration.

    Their joyous reunion will forever be remembered.

    Thank you so very much for this very special video of these three very special people, especially the lady that holds it all together for her beautiful family.

  2. God bless you and thank you for your service! Your wife also has a very difficult job! May she always stay strong in God!

  3. He is luck man ..he can hold his baby …but for me l will never hold my baby and my wife beause ..on heavan wait for me .. I use to cry and see people pass by know l wanted a family but god got other plan for me

  4. 7 days! too short 😭😭

  5. How beautiful! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy every moment.

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