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Arrest made after deadly ambush that killed US family in Mexico l ABC News

Mexican officials believe drug traffickers ambushed the family, possibly confusing them as a rival gang, and fired more than 200 rounds.

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  1. Will Mexico Military needs to get off their ass and get out there and start kicking ass and taking names if they can't do it we need to send all US military over to do it for them

  2. We need to go to war with that country

  3. All that religion sure helped! I guess god loves his mestizo psychopaths more.

  4. Look, Mexican cartel’s don’t kill for fun. They kill for a reason. I heard the family was stepping on feet-cartel land.

  5. Anyone realized that to live there. One member of the family killed over 20+ people that were in cartels. So they could have been an target.

  6. Democrats don't give AF!!! They want our border compromised and left open for anyone to cross over!!! So they can't possibly give a damn about any citizen affected by the cartels!!

  7. Mormon morons! They knew the cartel was after them ,they willingly put those kids in danger for a god that never existed,and paid the price horribly! I feel for the children,The parents not so much! People think some God is going to protect them, only in that fake book ,

  8. Why the fuss. They're only filthy mormons

  9. Stay out of Mexico people. 2 years ago a tape was released (phone video) that showed a police man and his 17 year old son who were kidnapped by a cartel. They tied both up, cut the fathers head off like they were cutting a pig, through the fathers head in the boys lap and then proceeded to torture the boy. They filled his skin first, step on his head as he was screaming, eviscerated his bowels. Took a knife and gouged him in the left side of his chest digging around. He’s still screaming and they’re talking matter of fact in Spanish and then they cut out his heart. This is documented. It was so brutal to watch I actually vomited. Again about a year ago a man and woman were traveling in thier RV and got lost from their group. Bandits found them robbed them tied both up. Made the man watch as his wife was brutally raped by three of them. Of course none of these people have been brought to justice. The drug cartels run Mexico, intimidate the police and the government is corrupt. Those two incidents happen near the same area. Do you think they couldn’t tell they were Americans and not Mexicans…blond hair, blue eyes, women and babies. Give me a brake, disgusting. If you value your life and family STAY OUT OF MEXICO!

  10. Nothing will change the monsters are still there there is too much corruption in Mexico that is why they do not want the Americans to get Involved Your best bet is to get out of that country deal with the consequences

  11. https://youtu.be/LpIyaIHsJbc
    this is the real story behind this killing.
    shocking truth the news doesn’t want you to know

  12. drone strike these narco terrorists! no survivors!

  13. I wish the Mexican president would let President Trump send troops to end the cartels once and for all. We would tear that shit up… But noooo they make too much money for the DEA…

  14. I say build the wall….

    Idc what you think!!

  15. still think the wall is a bad idea?

  16. Who else new that they would hurry and hand up some one just so that US won't get involved the arrest is bull shit


  18. Get the fuck out of Mexico Putos

  19. Tell thhe whole story fuck boys

  20. This happens every day in Mexico, but this war is about to explode lebaron family is very well know family in Mexico period…

  21. Lol Mexico says they'll handle it themselves AKA well "investigate" it for 2 weeks find nothing and move on to another day in that narco paradise shit hole country

  22. This is so horrible. Should have never happened. My condolences to the family.

    1. Either a family member had an enemy or fucked with the wrong person

    FUCK YOU TRUMP. You can’t even handle your sanity nor your foreign ass wife!
    THIS ALL IS FAKE NEWS. y’alls leader says so

  24. That is what happens in Mexico when you abuse your people, you steal their land, they block the water, abuse the humble people, and that asshole ordered to kill a man who denounced him for blocking the water to humble communities. I'm sorry for the children.

  25. America wake up! Narco cartels have declared war on America. This is a declaration of war. Congress wake up. We are at war & we don't realize it. Mexican government can't & won't declare & fight a war. This massacre is an act of war. 🇺🇸

  26. This is for trump–what are YOU going to do about the killing of 9 americans 3 women and 6 kids in mexico, time for you to act !

  27. So sad! I had a gut feeling this tragedy had a far more deeper story to it than what was displayed so I researched and sure enough, I found out the Lebaron family had a deep dark history. My condolensces goes out to the victim's family.

  28. The bloods of these women and kids are on the hand of american addicts. These fuckers keep funding the cartel for their stupid addiction fuck them and the cartels.

  29. Mexico’s government couldn’t even handle a grain of chapos people last month , what makes you think Mexico is going to handle all the cartels in Mexico…. Mexicos government ain’t going to do shit…….

  30. Mexico ain’t gone do shit they need America to help, im not gonna lie I love Mexico and all but it’s gone to shit dog i hate all those people who do bad like wtf

  31. Mexico is a weak country that's all

  32. The cartel's stupidity. Now the army will have a legit reason to eliminate them.

  33. They clearly did the cartel wrong. It’s common knowledge they will kill your entire family including pets if you fuck them over.

  34. Family members should sue Mexico.

  35. Damn this shit is so sad!🙏🏽

  36. This the reason why Hispanics leave their country. They come to US to leave the violence.

  37. Legalize all drugs now and you won't have this violence and bad people. Plus you would save junkies lives knowing what and how much drug getting. So stupid to keep fighting this lost fight, baby sitting junkies would cost pennies on the tons of dollars spent to fight lost fight too.


  39. If Mexico won’t help their own people it’s foolish to think these families will find justice

  40. America should go to war with cartels instead

  41. How come the news don't show all the poor Mexican killed bull shit thosands of poor die from the cartel to

  42. Who’s ready to mount an offensive? ✋🏼

  43. Damn this is sad 😔 & Mexico can’t handle a damn thing that has to do with Cartels. The Cartels have more of money & weapons. Also very sad but true

  44. That's sounds like bullshit

  45. Poor people; my deepest pain for them. This was not 'error'. They TARGETED THEM. They were a nuisance for the cartel; perhaps they helped the local Police. Beside, they were Americans. I do not believe they were ever welcome there. Now, think about the 20 million illegal living IN the US. I believe this was supposed to be a "message"' I certainly hope the President will not 'receive' it. Now, it makes sense both movies: "Sicario", and "Sicario, the Day of the Soldado". Remember? It is exactly what I believe he US will do with Mexico's green light and cooperation, if the Pink Panther Mexican President okeys it!

  46. Yeah the guy that wanted to negotiate with the Taliban isn’t gonna do shit about helping Mexico fight the cartels! Lol he’d rather say he’s gonna build a wall and not actually do it then call it a day. Our presidents a fuckin joke.

  47. Fuck all the cartels

  48. Democrats and ABC stated they will post Bail for the Cartels. There good people the Clintons stated.

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