Wednesday , August 17 2022

Art Laffer issues dire warning about US economy should Democrats pass bill

Former Reagan economist Art Laffer discusses the country’s ‘shallow’ recession as Democrats look to pass spending bill.

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  1. Shallow recession? That’s a new one.

  2. Art is the worst economist.

  3. The HUGE spending bills (to stimulate the economy) are really meant to fund political 'agencies' and candidates, slush funds, unaccountable spending . . . to give political and legal power to the Left. Meanwhile, the debt incurred and printing of money, the raiding of the U.S. treasury, diminishes the middle class by devaluing their dollar, wages, and savings. So, the bill is to gain power, not to 'help' the economy or 'climate.'


  5. Art has been preaching forever and he is so right and the Washington establishment will NEVER allow it dammit. He is on point.

  6. Shallow nah we're in a world of chit

  7. The lascivious greed of the wealthy, the abject dysfunction of the poor and a shrinking middle class is killing this country.


  9. Oh…now it's a "shallow recession".

    it's a freaking recession man why not just come out and say it why you got to beat around the bush why you got to suck the wee wee of the administration?

    anybody would even have a brain can figure this out.

  10. The recession will be in full come January or February. Once people have the added expense of heating bills they will cut way back on everything else!!!

  11. So Fox and the Republicans don't want Americans to have cheaper drugs. So these Fox talking heads making well over $400K don't want to pay tax. The corporate tax rate goes from 21%to 15%. And Fox 'news' feels that America doesn't need all that right now. All the while Republicans sit on the sidelines with a do nothing attitude.

  12. 👊*WE THE PEOPLE-RISE UP* We Need President "TRUMP" BACK in The White House, PERIOD!! AL & THE BIKER VETS👊

  13. Unfortunately, the destruction of the US is on purpose. The WEF declared that China would be the next world super power. That fool in the WH is in both of their pockets. Our governments have been infiltrated by WEF/UN/foreign enemies and they are taking us down. When China attacks the US, the WEF/UN will step in and create the 10 global zones and complete their plan for a global government, then Rome will step up and lead again. Just say NO to global government. Put your trust in Jesus.

  14. The Democrats are so greedy these days that they'll want to know the amount of coins in the piggy banks of every American child and tax the heII out of them.

  15. Taxes are gonna rocket, spending will soon halt except for neccesities. All niche small business's will default, all markets will crash and this is all by design by the current admin at the behest of there globalist masters…All of this to usher in a new one world economy, a new reserve since they they robbed the old one. Thats why they are rushing to print money rn.

  16. The dynamic guarantee biochemically breathe because cell neurobiologically discover with a damaged chess. guiltless, deadpan aftermath

  17. Ask Laffer about his bet with Peter Schiff

  18. Rich people got it pay

  19. They talking because is not gop bill

  20. I'm sorry, PRESIDENT BIDEN has said unemployment is rock steady low and the American economy is booming, faster than any other country. He and his jackals wouldn't lie to America, would they?