Thursday , August 6 2020
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Art Laffer predicts China trade deal may add 4,000 points to the Dow

Former Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer discusses Goldman Sachs’ outlook for accelerated economic growth in 2020.

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  1. it means america’s economy depends on china, america can’t survive without china. if trade deal done then dow up, means america can’t survive without asian countries-

  2. The way Americas economy is going that border wall is going to be more important than ever before next year here is hoping ICE will start mass deportations of illegals especially MS13 members.

  3. I predict, maybe but this is just another one of trumps lies, make no mistake, China has said over and over again, that drop the tariffs or no deal, it’s sad but I trust China 1000% over the Donald trump, that not only has lied, but about this very same thing over and over again !

  4. CCP just successfully postpone the tariff again! Can Trump see it? He’s been fooled so many times, still don’t learn?

  5. No deal coming anytime soon. China is our enemy,, wants to crush us into dust.

  6. I see the Dow topping 30k by March.

  7. China doesn't want to deal period.
    Same bull Sh***t since 2017 , phase 1. 2018 phase 12019 phase bull sh***t again.
    China will not deal until all the tariffs are rolled back.
    Remember, mexico was going to pay for the wall.!
    But no, US taxpayers are paying for it.

  8. TRUMP is doing a good job with the AMERICAN Economy is over the top. It's really hard to do. But he's doing a great job. Also when Boris Johnson gets this Brexis Deal to go through for the UK this is another win for Trump!

  9. Based on what fundamental

  10. More promises being kept, putting America first is good for the world.

  11. Everybody should go back and listen to what Art was saying in 2006 and 2007. Him saying things like this now just makes me believe the crash is close.

  12. Fcuk Make America Great Again
    Making America Better than Ever!

    I could have never imagined the Dow at
    30,000 + in my time and with any luck I’m only half way there. Imagine having enough to retire one day???

  13. We should be so lucky to have President Donald Trump is our King. Vote president Donald Trump and 2020

  14. The president is doing a great job💪

  15. President Trump is a clear and present danger as a dictator because of his undermining of Democratic Institutions.  It is true Democratic Institutions make mistakes.  However, his behavior as it reflects the Mental Health Professional Community diagnosis with pathological narcissism, and sociopath is a demagogue, authoritarian, autocrat, and oligarch.  Impeach Trump Now!

  16. I'd like to see talk about steady continuity instead of way ups and eventually a big down when too many cash in, too much profit

  17. stuart is just another over bearing, pompous, member of the english trash that is totally into inbreeding within the tudor line. no wonder there are so many english fuckups around.

  18. Things change when you realize that they're doing the impeachment to slow the economy more than anything else

  19. Happy New Year 2020🇺🇸🍾🥂 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  20. Yay president Trump🎉 👏🏽👊

  21. Art Laffer rocks and looks much younger than he is. 79


  23. Going into 3% GDP and keeps 📈

  24. 10th anniversary of Presidency🤠.
    Or 10year's since 2009 playing a round table as earth the table and One stricker in every direction of the earth.

  25. now the health care system needs fixing,

  26. yeah right, put the markets before the planet and our survival. Main thing is , the billionaires get fat and rich

  27. More fake news. Once trump is out and all that free tax cuts trump gave all these companies is revered. It will go back to normal

  28. On May 3, 2018, a US trade delegation arrived in China for talks on tariffs, but China intentionally ignored it. In response to the trade talks, China continues escalating the US trade deficit and stealing more American jobs and technology. Both the trade deficit with China (about $400 billion annually) and Chinese espionage in the US (up to $600 billion every year) cost American taxpayers roughly $1 trillion yearly. This needs to stop! “There’s a recognition that you have to punch a bully [China] in the face,” said a US administration official involved in the planning on trade actions against China. China has made a huge mistake by waging a trade war against America, especially American farmers. Fighting against America – the largest economy on the planet is not a good idea. Now, China wants the US to cancel the tariffs! Let's come together to support Trump in doing the right thing. Eventually, it's for our country and for us all.

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