Thursday , January 20 2022
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Art Laffer: US is the beacon of hope in global economy

Former Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer on the state of the U.S. economy.

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  1. News sucks when Democrats run office 😎

  2. So, all liberal democrat socialist on here failed economics. Most have not only ever own a business they can't keep a job.

  3. "I’ve heard and studied the Laffer curve for many years in the Wharton School of Finance." Donald Trump – 2019
    Trump graduated from Wharton in 1968, and Laffer didn’t outline his tax-cutting theory until 1974

  4. So…The U.S. is essentially taking back what has been stolen from us since WWII.

  5. US grows at 2% of $20 trillion economy, so $400 billions of income, yet the military budget is $700 billions already, ends up negative $300 billion already without a penny on other expenses, that’s how the beacon is doing with $22 trillion debt already, us think it can live on borrowing , endless printing money and tomorrow’s money forever, the great beacon! So many brazen experts show up everywhere to claim how great the Us economy is with so much kool aids.

  6. Democrats are back stabbing the United States by telling hostile foreign governments they don't have to abide by fair trade rules and to wait for after the US elections when they get a socialist foreign interest President who will continue to undermine and sell out America!

  7. US GDP was 20.5 Trillion in 2018. Global GDP was 80 Trillion total….that leaves 55.5 that the REST OF THE PLANET made combined!
    Here's how a few of our STATES compared to a few COUNTRIES:

    1. California ($2.97T) – United Kingdom ($2.81T)

    2. Texas ($1.78T) – Canada ($1.73T)

    3. New York ($1.70T) – Korea ($1.66T)

    4. Florida ($1.04T) – Mexico ($1.20T)

    5. Illinois ($868B) – Netherlands ($910B)

    6. Pennsylvania ($798B) – Saudi Arabia ($770B)

    7. Ohio ($680B) – Switzerland ($709B)

    8. New Jersey ($634B) – Taiwan Province of China ($603B)

    9. Georgia ($595B) – Sweden ($555B)

    10. Massachusetts ($577B) – Poland ($550B)

    Overall, the U.S. economy is the largest in the world. At the same time, its debt-to-GDP ratio, measuring the size of a country’s debt compared to its GDP, isn’t even in the world’s top 10 despite Obunghole's best efforts to spend us into oblivion.. This shows a healthy US economy which still rules the world …a beacon you could say. Lol…suck it bitchezz.

  8. We did it in ww2 we can do it again.

  9. The rest of the world has went too far left. We are headed their too if we dont watch it. If we fail the world economy fails.

  10. China doesn't care because its leadership isn't threatened by a democratic vote. Xi is emperor for life. What does he care what his people want? All he cares about now is maintaining power and that will be maintained through fear, intimidation and force.

  11. We need to forget about China and boost trade relations with Brazil, Mexico, UK, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Honduras, Cambodia, Canada, Africa, India, etc. We should never be so dependent on one country for our prosperity ever again! China was supposed to be the great savior of the world economy but they have proven to be too abusive and costly to work with. Their labor is not that cheap anymore and their terms are criminal which more than negate their "cheap" labor. Forget China. Teach them a lesson in manners and fair trade!

  12. The US must lead by example of free markets and low taxes and regulations! Everybody else wants to tax and regulate and crush incentives to work.

  13. The reason people don't feel good about the economy or the world is because of all the doom and gloom leftist talking heads in the lying liberal media! Stocks are undervalued because the left has beaten them down with their rhetoric. Look at values stocks and PE ratios. Most are undervalued by historic standards but the media keeps drumming the doom and gloom which doesn't reflect what is really happening on the ground.

  14. Hmmm… I see inflation in my home-owner's and car insurance, restaurants that I frequent, car parts, groceries, internet access and most of all, my mother's nursing home bills! There is definitely inflation happening in certain sectors… some sectors way more than others (like long term care). The gains in the market are not keeping up with the increasing costs of keeping my mom in a nursing home!

  15. LOL. What a headline.😁😀😂😂

  16. Fox news, CIA, Trump and their few parrots are making america in a economic collapse. But media like fox, trump and few advisors want something wild which never happend before. If trump runs in road withous cloths, American people and trump parrots love and support him cause its never happend before 😀.
    Thats how america is exactly running now

  17. 20 trillion dollars in debt..doesn't sound like prosperity to me.

  18. No inflation? Trucks cost over $50,000, Junky 50 year old 3 bedroom houses going for over $1 million in some places. Food, medicine and almost everything you buy has gone up significantly over the last 5 years.

  19. U.s. is the only Beacon of Hope printing the most out of anybody in the world adding 1 trillion plus every year to the deficit
    Was his parents brothers and sisters

  20. America? A beacon of hope? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh Far out 🙂

  21. Also as he talks about spending just going to ignore we are doing the same thing. We can just keep borrowing money forever

  22. To all the lovely people with their white nationalist, white supremacist comments. Wake up, that was the democratic party that started them. And tried to suppress the black votes. And the list goes on. Learn your history. So you can learn what racism is all about. Just cause you dont like trump dont mean he's racist. Or maybe your just racist and you figure its easier to blame others. Whatever the case may be. Your democratic party is a party of hate and suppression

  23. What "beacon of hope in global economy" can be the World's biggest debtor ?!?

  24. America might be in a super slow down of recession next year which would be bad for trump we haven't had a recession since 2009

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