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Art Laffer warns technology is replacing jobs in labor force

Former Reagan advisor discusses what economic indicators mean on ‘The Evening Edit’ #FoxBusinessTonight #FOXBusiness

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  1. R u going to stop AI

  2. This guy is an !d!ot. This was the advisor to trump. I also hate the Smirk the host gives to this !diot. Her intelligence is below average as you can see in this interview.

  3. He's wrong. Can we all have government jobs btw?

  4. I really like Art, but techno has been taking human jobs for DECADES!!! Remember when you would go to the bank and talk to a Teller, now it's an ATM….this has been going on for DECADES!

  5. Alipay wechat …they dont hold paper & coins in CHINA everthing paid by phone…and no inflationary fickle prices…
    Too much corruption & special interest in the western democratic american Kleptocracy….there is only so much the parasites at the top can rob steal swindle from the People's Labor….they have hundreds of thousands of new workers crossing the mexico boarder …giving them housing vouchers & monthly stipends…..million + americans homeless & crumb stimulus if you were selected ti get it..otherwise wait 6 months file tax return for TAX REBATE kick back scheme. Democracy is failed.

  6. Art is wrong on inflation. The market thinks the fed will fight inflation. But he’s wrong. They aren’t going to raise rates bc it will send us into a recession. The fed is going to keep rates at zero and continue massive $120B a month asset purchases.

  7. Nearly 10M job openings. It needs to replace them faster. If Americans aren’t going to work something needs to replace them.

    We have a society who wants handouts and it’s time to move on from leaving jobs open and move to AI and tech. No benefits and scheduling issues with technology.

  8. Art Laffer is responsible for the Kansas economic "miracle." His views have been tried and failed miserably.

  9. Is this the same POS who literally said on this show recently that the poor, minorities, disenfranchised, less education, that are joining in the workforce don't deserve $15 an hour?

  10. I have no problem with a robot handing me my French Fries though a drive up window.

  11. Related story: Fox News replacing thinking in deplorable cult

  12. Inflation: what deplorables are trying to do to gain 7 million votes

  13. His Laugher curve was discredited decades ago.

  14. Excellent strategy from Biden to import all these programmers, doctors and engineers from central and Latin America. Hopefully there are no lawyers coming as we are all stocked up.

  15. He's not worried about inflation because he's got money what about us that can't afford to eat half the time.

  16. Will you buy one gallon of ice cream, you take lid off and the one gallon container is not full… Did you really buy a gallon of ice cream? What a great way to explain inflation let's put it to the test

  17. We will NOT survive in technology alone! We need farmers, mechanics, carpenters, cashiers, shopping mall workers, food servers, chefs, and so on… and we need the manufacturing companies back!

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