Monday , November 29 2021
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Art Laffer weighs in as recession indicator sparks fears

Art Laffer, former Reagan economist, explains what should and should not cause recession fears.

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  1. Art Laffer is perfect for the Trump administration. He is the original con man of Tax cuts pay for themselves. They never ever have. Yet, he still pushes for it.

  2. This dude lost all credibility after he scoffed at Peter Schiff.

  3. The name Laffer says a lot about this man because he's a a joke and a clown.

  4. Markets are bound to crash after snorting coke (Fed's printed money) for a decade.

  5. Should a short recession take place its a great opportunity to re-balance your portfolios but it will not prevent Trump to get re-elected!

  6. I clearly remember ,November of 2007,conservative radio host Greg Garrison in Indianapolis,contrary of all the signs that a recession is imminent,saying with the confidence of a fool : "There are zero signs of a recession coming."

    One month later :: Boooom !!

  7. DJI is going to re-test 21k once again if we break down we are going to see 15k-18k to re-test those levels October 2015 when were 15k ish, my estimation will be a correction from 25k to 15k this is normal 10k points look the historical charts, market circles are normal. Doesn’t matter who is in power nothing can be forever up in short terms, DJI it’s been bull market since 1933, and we’re going up and up in the next decades. No worry shall we?

  8. In addition to creation of almost 6 million jobs for Americans, tariffs on Chinese goods have so far created over $63 billion for the US treasury. The tariff money could reach $100 billion next year! Do we need to sell more soybeans to China? Nope, we had enough money to reimburse our farmers. However, Trump haters with an unsound mind said Trump had lost the trade battle with China! Whatever they say, having tons of extra cash to spend is a good thing, doesn't it?

  9. Donnie diapers the total failure..

  10. Haha yet they wanna bring in the worlds poor so they can live off our Taxes ahaha we are also struggling you dumb Liberals

  11. Donnie diapers is a total failure.

  12. Did he say " Like a trade war " ah hahahahahaha.

  13. Art Laughable is a leading indicator of a recession. When he's bullish, get bullish.

  14. This guy is an economic idiot. Do falling share prices indicate a recession?"Share prices can fall for many reasons other than recession. An oft-repeated quote is that ‘stock markets have predicted ten of the past five recessions.’ What this means is that sometimes a fall in share prices is related to a recession. But, sometimes share prices fall and there is no correlation with the economy. It could be a correction of over-valued prices or a change in market sentiment ."

  15. this clown is a schill for banks.

  16. Art Laffer ,An Economic advisor to Reagan, Deregulation which led to Savings and Loan Crisis, Good Choice Fox

  17. FAUX news (Kudlo 2008) is constantly wrong on coming recessions. Check it out.

    AKA, wtkjr.!!!

  19. Wall Street reacts worse than a spooked herd of horses,just say boo and they will jump off the cliff go figure!

  20. Clueless we are already in a trade war

  21. Laffer was wrong last time…………………And hes wrong this time! Why would anyone ever listen to him again??

  22. Hey.. Everyone listen to Nixon's old economist from the 70's.. you can trust him!!!

  23. Recessions are not the problem. They are part of capitalism. The problem is the FED trying to avoid recessions with cheap money and cheaper talk. We had recessions on a regular basis in the 1950's when America was great. Its called taking away the punch bowl before the party gets out of hand, imbalances are created, and market participants are sent false signals. The Fed waited to long to normalize rates and clean up their balance sheet under Yellen. Trump the candidate pointed this out. Trump the President wanted the Fed to make the bubble even bigger. Smoot-Hawley and China trade agreement are only catalysts, but they did and will get the blame.

  24. Talk .about a self fulling prophesy

  25. "Recession! Recession! Recession! Recession! Recession! Recession!" – Dems

    They try everything (Russia, Racist) to destriy Trump…. now it's: RECESSION !!

  26. Everyone knows this was a Democratic prank to get Trump gone.

  27. This guy wouldn't see a bubble if it slapped in the face he was wrong during the housing crisis of 08 he's wrong again I wouldn't bet your money on this so-called economist

  28. Dow sets record high = Trump brags
    Dow crashes = Trump says nothing, Cult 45 insists he "tells it like it is".

  29. Forget China. We need to stop all made in China products. America first.

  30. Trump months ago: “China is desperate to make a deal”

  31. This guy got it so wrong last time. Why is he still on the air?

  32. Kid Love Productions = Bill Maher.  Look it up.  He's also an Epstein buddy.  Was.

  33. Failure drumpf. Dump this lemon

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