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'As close to unplayable as I've seen in my life' | Hilfenhaus' Ashes seed

Ben Hilfenhaus finally got the breakthrough for Australia in the 2011 SCG Ashes Test, producing a beauty to clean bowl England skipper Andrew Strauss


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  1. That was Waqar Younis kinda stuff.. woww……..

  2. Terrific Delivery. Excellent commentary by legends Tony Greig and Richie Bennaud. All in all a great package.

  3. After the retirement of the great attack McGrath-Gillespie-Warne-Lee
    Hilfenhaus,Clark,Siddle,Bollinger came into action.

  4. Is there any bigger compliment than Richie Benaud saying 'that was as close to unplayable as I've ever seen in my life' ?

  5. Shame they pretty got smashed all over the place other than this ball..

  6. Sandpaper is a wonderful thing

  7. Dead straight batsman closed the bat face too early lol

  8. I wonder why Andrew Strauss is always the one to get those unplayable deliveries! 😂
    Shane Warne's bowl and then Ben Hilfenshaus! 😱

  9. Why didn't he play more test cricket? Was he dropped or did he decide to opt out? Such a treat to watch him bowl

  10. Natural seam variation off the wicket!

  11. it's every bowler dream to get a wicket in delivery like above.

  12. He looks like Hugh Jackman.

  13. A glimpse of phill Hughes there 😥 still miss you young man

  14. I remember him when he was in CSK my god what bowler

  15. Hilfenaus – Doug bollinger csk legends

  16. Hilfenhaus
    Ryan harris
    Mitch johnson
    These trio was deadly back then in 2011-12 vs india

  17. nothing special about the delivery … batsman played the wrong line thats it

  18. Hughes could be seen
    Miss you dear

  19. That was good delivery …but nowhere close to unplayable….a full face …drive will be enough for this ball…. Ball wasn't swing that much to take outside edge….

  20. Ryan Harris delivery to cook is best for me

  21. Why is Strauss always at the receiving end for these kind of deliveries…😂

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