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As Dems trade jabs, Michigan voters speculate on the swing state's future I Nightline

From the debate stage in Detroit to the bellwether county of Macomb to Dearborn, home of the country’s largest Muslim population, Michigan voters know they are key to the 2020 presidential election.

5 takeaways from the 2nd night of the Democratic debate: https://abcn.ws/2YyI3em

Democratic debate night 2: Fact-checking the candidates on the issues: https://abcn.ws/2Yvau0L

‘You owe them an apology’: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard takes aim at Sen. Kamala Harris’ record as a prosecutor during 2020 Democratic debate: https://abcn.ws/2GF7hS3


ALSO AVAILABLE ON HULU: https://hulu.tv/2wSmSrZ

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  1. Biden the Chinese candidate will have much more flexibility after the election.
    Vote for President Donald Trump if all of this that follows seems true. Defeat the dark forces that will not allow your practice of voting your conscience and the defeat of constitutional forces. There will be years after that to gather forces of goodwill and real change don't be their comedic tool.
    of Strzok…This should be taken into account when he enters plea in his prosecution, not repentant and a liar. Eats off liars plates, and pulls up liars pants, conjures liars thoughts and gangs up for liars rants: Drives a liars car… wears a liars shoes… swears a liars lie… reads a liars news: Faces a liars kids…kisses a liars wife…demands he is believed … and lives a liars life. ( You know who you are) Might be a song….c.
    Current political situation: Drugs and profits are the real drivers of the present political situation. Why anti white, not profitable. Why anti Christian, not drug users. Why anti-middle class what ever the color, not going to be drug users work for a living. Why no lottery for immigration on merrit, not drug users or family of drug users or gang members. Why anti fence, drug users. Why anti law enforcement, drug users or drug profits, our officers are in the highest and greatest part heros… Why gangs law breakers turned loose, pro drugs sales. Why import gangs from the south, drugs industry and profits feed political machine or promise they will. Why sanctuary cities, federal drug agencies loose connection with local agencies that might stop the flow of drug gangs and drugs. Why crash the economy with communism or any excuse, so no one can oppose the flow of drugs from the south. Why crash the economy with health care for all drug profits and addiction. Why the desperate political language, drug addiction or addicted to drug profits. (HOW can you tell, they display all the symptoms of being strung out. How many of Antifa are addicts. Why from college campuses most dense use of drugs and sales??? a guess. only reason you need masks, you don't want you face showing up in other investigations if you are busted for illegal drugs that will identify your other friends, users, sellers)
    Illegal immigration is a hostage of drug profits. Mexico and central America is hostage of drug profits,their people are being killed. Human trafficking is hostage of the flow of drugs. Our political discourse is the hostage of those that can profit from drugs. Our news organizations are hostage to those that can profit from drugs. Why no real political solutions to these problems beside drugs, then you would be free to concentrate on drugs, why Run millions into the country to water down the governments resources that might fight against the flow of drugs and profits. ( The democrats don't want solutions they want the free flow of drugs, to your children and their grandchildren and to you babysitter and your taxi driver etc. )
    You want to see desperation double down on drug interdiction. Build the fence and Give politic back to the American people and not opinions of those that are not citizens. Build the fence and Give Mexico back to the Good people of Mexico. Stabilize the politics of central and South America, build the fence and double down on drug interdiction and pay governments south of Us To do the same.

  2. I'm tired of of your political bashing. In my opinion, you all suck.

  3. They will end up drafting hillary because she got thepopular vote biden bernie to old they are saving mi helle obama to run against a non incumbant president economy to strong for trump to lose

  4. Poor Beto. His days are numbered. Just tanking and tanking. He’s cute though. He should be a media pundit. He’s got the looks for TV.

  5. I have heard from people from all around the world and every one of them says "The World needs Bernie".

  6. Gabbard is the only one that doesnt sew the divisive bullshit

  7. Don Lemon was the moderator? I thought we were supposed to have journalists run the debates

  8. They’re up against far right Republican FANATICS that are filled with fear, stoked by the Trump PR machine, and favor a Trump dictatorship. They have the Russians helping them, they are doing nothing to stop them. And here we have Democrats who are unelectable nationally, especially outside the blue states, trying to tear down the ONE guy who has the cred AND financial support to defeat Trump. Be careful, ladies, you’ll need to walk back your comments when Biden gets the nomination, and you don’t want to sound too hollow.

  9. morher: son take the trash out
    son: awe mom do I have to
    mother: yes son now it is starting to stink in here
    son: awe dam leave it for a real man to clean up the mess

  10. man breaks my heart hearing him say no one can talk politics anymore that right there is the main reason we need a change we the people of earth need to stick together none of these wackos in power anywhere give a shit about our relationships with one another we have to protect that come together

  11. happy mens history month, rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man

  12. LMAO!! The dude watching the debate with his family says republicans will call anything social ist…lmao..Dems love to call anyone who disagrees or that doesn't want their tax dollar going to people who are illegal " racist"…….Plus perfectly healthy strong people in this country who haven't lifted a finger in their entire life….if we disagree to pay for their FREE health cost….we are racist RIGHT!!? LOL…..if we want to DO FOR OUR OWN PEOPLE/AMERICANS FIRST INSTEAD OF ILLEGALS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES….WE ARE RACIST…..ITS HIPOCRISY IS WHAT IT IS!!!

  13. I can give everyone the cold hard facts right now and I can tell you that racism will never ever go away in this country Donald Trump is not a racist but racism will never go away from this country or any other country for that matter…it is just a part of the human mind and body…and the way we are programmed…. for the most part to have a inner desire to wamt to be around and closer to your own kind and race maybe not every day or always but for the most part that is the way the human mind works and no one can ever change that this is just the way God made us

  14. Are people really that fucking blind is O'Rourke really that deaf he said that Trump attack the congresswoman because of race and color God it's pure lies and bullshit he even said that he did what he did because of the shit that her and her three buddies constantly talk about our country the country that they live in and brought them to success that they have

  15. I don’t want my Country to become Socialist like Venezuela. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. This party is totally disconnected with reality and the voter base and only caters to California liberals. Going to pay the price come election season

  17. Beto has the biggest cock … that's my verdict

  18. A bunch of liberal pussies fighting it out

  19. Is it just me or did it seem like a bunch of old people acting like kids. The more they talk the more the more I see

  20. Democrats will destroy American jobs and make the State of Mich just like Detroit city has become.

  21. The party is a mess right now.
    I bet there will be a lot of illegally walk-in votes going on.
    Especially, since so many cities don’t require ID and want illegals to be able to vote.

  22. That auto maker dude is delusional.

  23. If we dont elect Bernie this time, the Dems are screwed for generations to come.


  25. Harris wants more for private prisons in America

  26. Yang 2020 he makes too much sense

  27. Bernie will win the rust belt

  28. This is very sad. The only attack they can make on the president is by calling him a racist. They shout this from the rooftops with zero proof that he has racism in his DNA, as former President Obama would put it.

  29. Its becoming ever more evident that Trump is going to win this shit if we dont impeach him fast.

  30. Medicare for all = Trump 2020 landslide

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