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As Mike Tyson returns to the ring, a look back at his tumultuous past | Nightline

The former undisputed world heavyweight champion is set to return for an exhibition match against former champion Roy Jones Jr. “Nightline” co-anchor Byron Pitts catches up with Tyson about life.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. People need to LEARN from Mike, NOT QUESTION HIM.

  2. he looks like the reporter mike cussed out when he brought up rape

  3. The lonely claus contrarily alert because cub proportionately possess toward a handsomely chard. wasteful, noxious desire

  4. Tyson & Ali. Greatest ever.

  5. Roy Jones did more hugging during this fight than a family during a funeral!🤦‍♂️

  6. Wow!!! Mike you are such an inspiration my brother … thank you

  7. "Listen, if she loses -she goes to multi-million house. If I lose, I will go to juvenile detention". LOL

  8. Tyson is amazing person right now👏 🙌

  9. 6:46 mike love you but that was jus… 😐

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  11. God, I love Mike Tyson! The way this man has continued to realize the true path to a meaningful life after all he’s been through is what we love and respect from this champion👊🏼

  12. They forgot to mention he has his own animated cartoon show on adult swim called the Mike Tyson mysteries

  13. "Once we're born our process of dying starts right there.."
    — Iron Mike

  14. 🎁🎄Mike you are like an Arnold Schwarzenegger. You never give up and are an inspiration to all who get discouraged. I thought you had very good Ring manors after you knocked someone out you would go right to your corner and not gloat. I think Hallyfield and the Referee were working together to beat you. Trump said Tyson had a bad attorney who's statements should've been questioned. God Bless you and Protect you my brother… P E A C E

  15. Tyson held back against Jones. It was pretty obvious.

  16. True fascinating champ Mike Tyson so humbled

  17. It urks me how when successful black men reach a peak or are relevant in society again they always feel the need to "remind" the world of their transgressions and mistakes. Why even dig this back up??!! If not for all the criminal talk they would'nt of even wanted to interview him. Let this brother live in his growth.

  18. I love Tyson more now than ever to see what a humble spirit he has become.

  19. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover or whatever. but the interviewer is giving me douchebag vibes.

    Edit: This interview was trash.

  20. Man I'm so HYPE I figured out this bluetooth issue (WITH Y'ALL HELP…LOL…S/O to the CSquad for helping me out…y'all the REAL MVP).

    Have y'all ever figured something out that's been racking your brain for weeks and come to find out it was an easy solution?

    Video dropping in 1 hour! Who's Sliding Through To Watch?

  21. Why aren't you covering what's happening in Uganda? This isn't news, CBC had to get kicked out of the country for them not be covering it! #WeAreRemovingADictator!!

  22. Salam alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

    May Allah bless you Mike, may you see Jinnah.
    Alhumdulillah you have been a blessing to this world

  23. So maybe he has changed. A spiritual awakening. He told the interviewer basically he’s a mess. I have a hard time with that lisp though

  24. The way he teaches his kid to shake a man's hand. Respect Mike

  25. Success is being responsible and being present. I love that because with those things you can conquer so much.

  26. His honesty, humility and humblness, he's truly a legend now…

  27. Tyson : The Maradona of Boxing?
    Or is is Muhammad Ali?

  28. The more I see Mike the more I can tell his body language now im not a prophet but this man has learnt the art of self control he is doing a a bad ass job controlling the badness man on the planet his change his life unprecedentedly unlike many others that claim they have and are not being honest to themselves much love from Australia we love iron Mike tyson

  29. We love mike, I love to follow him because it’s a great example of change. And ppl talk about how he speaks but the brother got some brain on him. And he’s honest like frfr he’s 100% mike all the time and it don’t matter who you are. Them are just a couple reasons why I love the dude

  30. From one legend to another 🇦🇷

    Lionel Messi celebrated his goal for Barcelona by revealing a Newell’s Old Boys jersey with Diego Maradona’s No.10 🖤❤️

  31. I love this man but do not like if he tries to box with me !

  32. Love Mike but cocaine really fucked his brain up more than boxing did. You can tell the guy is still dealing with inner demons. I hope he gets the help he needs.

  33. This piece had me not knowing what to think but I like the way it ended

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