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Ashes stars replicated in Cricket 19

Big Ant Studios has created the “closest to a real thing a cricket game has even been” with its new official Ashes cricket console and PC game


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  1. We need a ultimate team sort of thing

  2. Adding the real bowling action of every bowler will be superb

  3. The version in England has Morgan and Root on it instead of Finch and Paine

  4. Pls make this game in android version also.

  5. The main problems with the cricket games in PC were the same monotonous bowling actions of each and every bowler, be it McGrath or malinga. At least players with unique playing styles should be featured in the game….

  6. It seems like a copy of Don Bradman Cricket game

  7. But nowhere near EA cricket games

  8. Every ashes game bowling action change bolwing

  9. Will u make Mobile version of it ?

  10. Damn, that's so detailed. Where's Big Ant Studio's Career website?

  11. Finally Gud cricket game after 2007

  12. You should made india with real face of players and real looking stadium and of course with IPL.

  13. Why the heck players have tiny limbs and bigass faces?

  14. how about the chants from the fans.. specially from the barmy army?

  15. Guys, i love the game, except the fielding and the catching part, there are a lot of slip catches that just goes past the fielders, no visual queue to get hold of 'em. Also, there is no dive towards the ball running to a boundary. This will make it even better !

  16. I don't think the body proportions are right…

  17. Was this filmed in the late 90's because those Playstation 1 graphics and physics look amazing

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