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Ashley's Extreme Weight-Loss Makeover

Trainer Chris Powell discusses challenges of this dramatic transformation.


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  1. Força vc vai conseguir. 🇧🇷👏👏

  2. What a b…. she can not even admit that girl is beautiful she must be very insecure herself. That girl is beautiful before and after I am so proud of her great job. Your my inspiration I have about 100 pounds to lose I am gonna use you as my person. But food isn’t my problem it is not eating then when I do it Stores. I am so happy for that girl and her family was so wrong knowing she was insecure about herself and they didn’t even try to help her lose the weight for her health it is like they didn’t care. WoW it is crazy that this hostess is so freaking rude

  3. Terrible interviewer. She needs to be in the woods interviewing cave men. She's very insensitive.

  4. I wana training trainer like that😟

  5. Love you couch,are you a human being?No but you are an angle😢😢😢👏
    Made me cry man.thanks for living in this world and helping those people.

  6. سوسو سينيوريتا

  7. سوسو سينيوريتا
    وحشانى جدا والله
    وبجد نفسى اطمن عليكى
    ياريت تطمنينى عليكى 🔱🔱❤❤😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  8. That guy is sooooo handsome 💙

  9. Maybe she's mad because she likes Chris and he never told her that she's beautiful.

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    Come here … search .. look find.
    You will see the lighting truth,
    its in Islam❤

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  12. It’s a journey to keep it off that’s going to be a true test.

  13. Beautiful💛 meets after💛

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  15. That witch is jealous. Twice, she disses his question, about Ashley's beauty. Even the mirror on the wall, would say that Ashley, is more fair than thee! Ha!

  16. I would runaway if my trainer as atractive as him.

  17. Possible to sign up with a weight loss trainer

  18. اكو عرب هههههه محد.بس اني

  19. Yes,motivate yourself.Everything is possible.what a great effort she does.Well if a man chew his food 32 times you must feel that you losing your weight.

  20. you are beautiful and you are a big motivation for me

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  22. I'm eating pizza whilst i watch this… I feel bad now.

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  26. That’s so nice she is beautiful 😘😘 fat or no fat😚😚💜

  27. She's always been beautiful. The question should have been "Doesn't she look healthy & happy?"

  28. no support by her family whatsoever, how sad

  29. Wot if he come here for me 🙁

  30. Till to this we still dont know why ms. Im gonna stay quiet even though i got asked twice won't answer his question

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