Asian community in mourning after Monterey Park shooting

As many Monterey Park residents celebrated the Lunar New Year, the community was shaken by a mass shooting that left 11 people dead. NBC News’ Kathy Park has details on how the tradition turned into a harrowing experience.

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  1. Why news always thinks is hate crime? Lawsuit

  2. But it was an Asian guy who killed them..?

  3. So an Asian hate bill was recently passed to protect Asians…so can i get a bill passed to protect me from Asians now?


  4. Can y'all try to not make this about race for once? And ppl wonder why no one can get along anymore. Because everything single thing is about race or some identity.

  5. Hate crime is when blacks attack Asians

  6. I'm Asian and this is bs fake news! No hate crime here!!

  7. If it was an Asian gunman then sure, they shouldn't push the hate crime angle
    But c'mon, you all are really going to Crack jokes and say " who cares? ". That doesn't give any of you the right to make light of the situation. People died, have some empathy, some respect.

  8. News outlets always trying to twist the story trying to get people to hate each other. ridiculous.

  9. Please let's support our fry rice community…

  10. Lol..MSNBC couldn't resist to make this racial. Hinting this could've been a "hate crime". Then quickly brings up it is an old Asian male, but then makes it to the "hate crime" Angle.

  11. Asian on Asian
    who cares?
    It’ll be fine if you ask me!

  12. Ban chinese holidays from America this wouldnt of happened. This isnt china

  13. It could have been a lot worse if it were not for…George Santos. He said this morning that he was the guy who stopped the gunman at the second dance studio. I don't know if he's telling the truth…but I will say this, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be.

  14. What a stupid framing. Despicable "reporting"

  15. The NRA has released a statement that no guns was harm. And the GOP has a released a statement announcing how to combat guns violence by getting rid of woke M&M.

  16. Stop being racist. No one else cares if Asians die? What a crock. Plus saying one day is the holy day for all Asians? So ridiculous.

  17. If this is being called a hate crime, then all crimes are hate.

  18. Are they going to call tran a white supremacist? 😄 🤣

  19. According to the media if an Asian kills another Asian it's a hate crime not self hatred 👍

  20. How could it be a hate crime when the guy was Asian?

  21. The threat came from within their community. Stop the racism rhetoric.

  22. Yet another lie by NBC trying to push there hate crime agenda. The killer was Asian.

  23. Asian on Asian violence = hate crimes now 😂😂😂

  24. But this wasn’t a hate crime. This was a personal crime.

  25. I first heard LASD state race of shooter almost 14 hours before the media which does not surprise me at all.

  26. It was an Asian who did it you twits

  27. asian community? we are not all (same) people…

  28. Liberals SO MAD it wasn’t a WHITE shooter!

  29. If You're living in a country under threat why would you stay

  30. Yeah, we don’t need more gun control. We just need to avoid ballrooms, churches, malls, supermarkets, mosques, concerts, synagogues, cinemas, parks, pre-schools, middle schools, high schools, college campuses, mass transportation, the outdoors in general

  31. They need to post the killer's face so everyone knows it was an Asian attacker.

  32. All of the "hate crimes" the media talks about aren't hate crimes but dead people are more valuable to the media if people think they are hate crimes. Hate sells.

  33. Is this a racist hate crime when an Asian kills Asians??

  34. "Asian community" encompasses billions of people but liberals can't tell the differnce between one kind of "Asian" or another.