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ASOS SPRING HAUL & TRY ON // SPRING 2019 // Fashion Mumblr

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Floral Puff Sleeve Top – http://bit.ly/2VhhbBV
NARS Ignited – http://bit.ly/2Vg7L9K
Pearl Large Slides – http://bit.ly/2KTJIcS
Moon & Star Slides – http://bit.ly/2KTJYIS
Mini Pearl Slides – http://bit.ly/2VdM1vf
White Pretty Little Thing Shirred Top – http://bit.ly/2VfihOl
Broderie Bow Strap White Top – http://bit.ly/2KTzEk4
YAS Floral Maxi Dress – http://bit.ly/2KVecLB
Block Heel Natural Sandals – http://bit.ly/2KTZd4B
Floral Jumpsuit – http://bit.ly/2vhfLZm
Orange & White Shirred Jumpsuit – http://bit.ly/2DrOhVx
Woven Rafia Bag – http://bit.ly/2VeIuNi
White Embroidered Dress –

Also worn :
Earrings – http://bit.ly/2KPvCcb
Necklace – http://bit.ly/2Nq3rN2
Pink Headband – https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dhhtra2bzw

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DESIGNER DUPES 2019 – https://bit.ly/2UynL38


❤ Camera that I filmed this video on – http://bit.ly/2S48HsH
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  1. what is the last dress called it is not linked

  2. Hello, may I please ask what size are you in for the 1at floral top? Thank you

  3. You look like a princess in this video! Very nice clothes! How tall are u? I am interested in buying a jumpsuit and I don t know if it will be too long for me.

  4. I bought my first clothes at Asos and I don't know the size well. Can I know the size and height of the clothes?

  5. Your personality is just so cute

  6. Dear Laura, I liked the video. Your makeup is beautiful, but you are right without it. The great bag from Zara is fantastic.

  7. You know what I bet would look gorgeous on you… is like a shimmery gold eyeshadow! That has been my THING lately. It looks so ethereal and I feel it would look amazing with your hair and skin tone!

  8. you're so pretty… like a doll :)))

  9. The clothing gave throw back vibes from the 80 when I use dress my sister for school or church. The haul was really cute especially the jumpsuit. I guess it's true what goes around comes back around especially in clothing.

  10. For young women, it will depend on where you go in Morocco as to what you wear. But if your shoulders are covered and your skirt isn't too short you'll be fine.

  11. Can I ask which size do you wear, especially the last white dress?

  12. Once again, Josie, you smashed it out of the ball park. Magnificent content, presentation, commentary and flow. I would be interested to see what you do with the milkmaid dress!! Please keep us updated.

  13. you inspire me every day, I've been buying floral dresses left and right they're so beautiful…. your skin is glowing. thank you for sharing

  14. Love the yas dress and flower jumpsuit! I'm curious what you will have done with the last dress.

  15. I love the video girl! I just made a spring haul on my channel too!

  16. As always your selections are lovely and I would definitely try to redesign that dress.

  17. Of course you can wear the sandals to Morocco 👍🏻 i‘ve been there as an au pair and had the same struggle before with dealing on what to wear there 🙈 in touristic places you can even wear shorter things, like skirts and flowy dresses.

  18. I love how you have all the dresses! Lol I tend to collect dresses myself, it makes the little girl in me smile! 💕

  19. sending you love from South Africa. It's autum here….so watching you autumnal vlogs.

  20. You are adorable! Love the headband on you too

  21. Jumpsuit and the hair. Super!! X

  22. Morocco is so modern so of course you can show your toes wear shorts etc

  23. Hi Josie 🙂 Does the YAS floral maxi come with a slip under it or is it sheer? I love it, but I'm wondering if it requires a white slip.

  24. Sooo soo pretty Josie perfect summer dresses except the last one ..gives me milk maid shaker style vibes lol looking lovely as ever x

  25. Josie, Love all of the pieces! 💫💗

  26. Please do a vlog on your Morocco trip and also what to pack. 😍💁‍♀️

  27. you can wear whatever you want in Morocco ..but if go to Souk and other places when you have to walk for a long time I recommend you wearing pants like jeans or light fabric pants

  28. Love all the beautiful things you got!! I’m from Chicago in the U.S and I actually lived in Morocco for a couple months. You are totally ok to have your feet out. I would say (if you want to be respectful of the people, culture, religion and you don’t want to get unnecessary attention) do not have anything shorter than knee length and do not have your shoulders out. Just a rule of thumb. You’re going to absolutely love it there! The people, food, scenery, architecture and might I say shopping is to DIE for!! Cant wait to see some photos ❤️

  29. I wish that floral v-neck jumpsuit was a midi or maxi dress with the exact top and belt as it is… but just a nice skirt on the bottom – it would be my absolute IDEAL dress.

    It would look very cute at a spring garden party or a christening.

  30. I would suggest taking the tire off the last dress and adding buttons. Just a thought I like the ties on the sleeves but not the bust area, buttons would close it up and make it fit better and add to the dress nicely, IMO. 🤔

  31. I hate ASOS so much! Every time I order from them, the items don't show up and they end up refunding me cause they have no clue where the items are… It makes me so sad because these items are too cute!!

  32. Hi, I have been to Morrocco a few times and because it was so hot I wore my flat sandal a lot. It's not a problem at all to show your toes/feet.

  33. Hi Josie. You can wear anything you like in the streets of Morocco provided it is not too "revealing". If you want to get into a mosque (as religious places do have their sacred side in every faith), you will actually have to be more covered wearing a scraf on your head. Hope you'll enjoy: the food and the hospitality are just amazing there.

  34. For the last dress, maybe you could close it securely with buttons and keep the top bow as a detail… 😉

  35. You look so pretty in this video , your dressing style will work in MOROCCO just fine, you can wear sandals as you like

  36. Yes please make your changes on that dress

  37. There is no need to underdress for Morocco. As a woman with blond hair you will always get attention even if you wore a full on burka. Just dress normal – shorts etc are ok but not those that show buttchicks or your cleavage is all out in the open in tops. Shoes don't matter. Normal knee-length skirt and a short sleeved top will be just fine. Maybe PDA is the one thing that is really unwelcome.

  38. Hi josie may I know what nail polish you’re wearing? Thank you I love your videos! 🙂

  39. Marocco is great – was there in autumn 2018 – went through the souks every day, it's such a great feeling. Marrakech is such a nice city, and you really have to visit the André Heller garden, it's amazing.

  40. Yes your fine with those shoes in Morocco. It's rather like Dubai your fine in the hotel but just abit covered up outside. Have a great time . Have a trip to the Atlas mountains if you have time. Enjoy

  41. Love all of them!! I need that to my meeting all the time we have to wear modest but chic!!

  42. You're so cute whenever you mispronounced words. 🙂 I love your style!

  43. Another lovely collection, thank you Josie! Peach does look pretty on you 12:00, I love all the florals, your rack of clothes behind you this spring is goals! <3

    That last dress with the poppies & bows is pretty, it could be a candidate for a video on how to find a good affordable taylor, then maybe show us the before & after 😉

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