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Here’s my ASOS Summer Haul ft dresses, summer blouses & more!
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❤ Featured in this Video ❤

White Fluted Sleeve Top : http://bit.ly/2rNb7T5
Culottes : http://bit.ly/2rNmHxf
Lace Mini Dress : http://bit.ly/2qtr3G4
YAS Floral Ruffle Dress : http://bit.ly/2qrzBgu
White French Connection Dress : http://bit.ly/2rvyQHj
Robot Bag : http://bit.ly/2qtTGD9


❤ What I Wore ❤

Lace Cold Shoulder Top : http://bit.ly/2scyG47
Earrings : http://bit.ly/2mx2QiH
Necklace : http://bit.ly/2mx7AVu
Ring : http://bit.ly/2i7GCSC
Bracelet : http://bit.ly/2mx9K7j



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❤ In the Background:

Pink Rug : http://bit.ly/2pW9mP7


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  1. Hi could I ask what Oyster card is?

  2. Just saw this one. Loved the top you wore in the video. Wish I could wear it!

  3. All of these pieces were lovely!! They must've been even more affordable as well!!! ❤️ xxx

  4. I never seen a person that have so many white pants before

  5. Amazing! I LOVE your style, and I'm so glad I found your channel! New Subbie 💓

  6. You just spent 12 minutes showing 6 items ……

  7. Hi, what's the dupe shoe site ?

  8. The court shoes she wears on the first outfit 😍 does someone know where are they from?????

  9. very stylish and elegant trendy pieces, I love!

  10. a pea head…..I have that thought sometimes as well when I am wearing a top that has volume and my hair is not down. It is amazing what a difference wearing your hair down makes for an outfit. I love the dresses you buy…you have inspired me to step out of my black dress world into white. I just don't know how you are not paranoid of getting it dirty 🙂

  11. Good morning Josie&boys, from the outset your appearance would take anyone's breath away,honestly!The most stunningly beautiful I've ever seen you.The top you have on coupled with your tan & overall appearance was stunning.Loved these pieces,I've been checking every season more or less since not long after you started your channel & i have learnt &gained so much from you.Plus my husband Steve loves my new tips I've picked up on here& says how classy & how lovely & ladylike I look( even on the beach lol) much love & grateful thanks Josie Susan 🌹💄🏖

  12. The ruffle dress is okay but when compared to the other dresses it's a no from me. Have a lovely month Josie.

  13. All very beautiful as always …fluffy pavlova dress is well not you at all. 😲❤❤

  14. I love Ted Baker because the hardware is always rose gold!!

  15. Not a fan of the YAS dress…. better options are out there!

  16. The white lace dress really suits you.

  17. I wish I could wear your style. I would never be able to keep white and pale items clean! Where is the necklace from that you are wearing on the try on section? The one you have linked is different. Thank you 🙂

  18. Definitely keep the French Connection dress. It looks really good on you!

  19. OMG I love ❤️ dickens and dexter so much !!!!

  20. Your puppy is so adorable! I love watching your ASOS hauls <3

  21. Lovely! And that purse with the robot closure is sooooo sweet and fun! Hugs from Canada 🙂

  22. ❤️~ thank you, Josie.

  23. Need the shoes!! Where is the link foe them ?? The 2 tone mules! 😋

  24. My favourite is lace mini dress! Anda the robot bag! You look amazing with everything but I'm not so surr about ruffled dress! Perhaps, as you said, with different hair style…

  25. The palazzo trousers looked perfect on you 😍😍

  26. I think the court jester dress is just that! The proportions are all wrong making your head too small . I'm not being rude…you look so lovely in more fitted clothes as your figure is petite. Loved all the other gear. xx.

  27. Again thank you for the great video. Send the ruffle dress back, as there is too much happening on the top half xxx

  28. Love how genuine and down to earth you are, and don't diss
    using affordable clothing sites like asos, as you see many you tubers seem to be doing atm. Absolutely adore you Josie❤️💗

  29. No question about the French Connection dress. The ruffly floral one gives me pause, though. I think your style is usually more sophisticated, but if you love it . . .

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