At Least 1 Dead After Twin Blasts At Jerusalem Bus Stops

Two blasts went off near bus stops in Jerusalem on Wednesday, killing at least one person and injuring at least 14 others, for of them seriously.

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  1. Jesus is Lord….take out the ark of covenant now…

  2. West Bank anarchy..this bombings aren't the work of law abiding citizens, but the fact is terrorists and whom are the backers? Syrians? Russian? Or are they spontaneously erupted

  3. It is written and is call Jacob's troubles.

  4. Yet again Palestinian terror attack, now Israel will bomb military bases in Gaza and everyone will blame the Israelis.

  5. Jerusalem belongs to Palestine. This act of violence does not diminish that in any way. Why does not the "collective West" media not talk about the Palestinians who were killed by IDF army and settlers. Jerusalem is the internationally recognized capital of that Arab land, since the beginning of time (MOABS and other tribes) and to the End of time, and forever. Other people there are just guests. Any other people taking over and performing, and religiously romanticizing apartheid thru an altered internet and social media and political force are just an aberration that will not last. Truth always comes out, no matter how long it will take.

  6. House built on shifting sand..

  7. Family guy called it
    Ep.12 S. 13 😭😭😭😭

  8. Where is your coverage when Israel kills Palestinian children?

  9. This is why we support Israel. Under attack despite countless effort at peace with their neighbors since 1949 by terrorist antisemites.

  10. Oh I know, let’s solve it by sending them billions of dollars.

  11. If this can happen at a bus stop in Jerusalem it can happen anywhere!

  12. You reporting one person died 😕 because that person is Israeli but how many Palestinian died every year or everyday?

  13. Biden's policies at work.

  14. I am Sure it has Nothing to do with the actions Jews have taken against those they should be Sharing the place with.

  15. It's Easy to see that these People aren't the Real Jews. There is No Peace in Jerusalem.

  16. 🤔I thought God said when he returned his people to their land, there would be no more War? Seems like since AMERICA GAVE them that land in 1948, all they've been doing is fighting. Soooo…those cannot be the true Hebrews rt? Or was God lying 🤥

  17. that what you get when you force people to leave their houses and territory. you can't expect people don't hate you if you steal their land.that's collateral damage because what you done

  18. Hmmmm, these people have been fighting since whites declared this their land in the early 20th century. 100 years of war and counting. The whites have far more superior weapons but still the rightful landowners find ways to fight. These converts believe that they are entitled to Shems lands because another of Japheths grandchildren told them they could have this land. The funny thing is that DNA proves who they really are and they still keep telling the same lie like everybody else stupid and can't read the results of the test. Y chromosome says you're Slavic descendants of Gomer and Japheth. Yet these people are the only people who descend from women. The rest of us are our fathers kidz. Like the ancient Israelites in the Torah. This guy begot that guy…

  19. we've had literally dozens killed by multiple white supremacist nazi terror attacks in our own country THIS WEEK

  20. Palestine 🇵🇸 don’t stop 🛑 protect your self from the Zionist isreal occupation
    Palestinians Have the right to defend there state of Palestine 🇵🇸 ALLAHU AKBAR Alhemdulillah
    Keep up ⬆️ the hard work Palestine 🇵🇸 all Muslim ☪️and christens are with you

  21. So what? the Jews really do run the news apparently one person is news do you know how many people got shot in just America last night or any night? Apartheid regimes in there sycophants get no sympathy for me

  22. Serves ya right. The way they treat the Palestinians

  23. Senseless that in this day and age people are still making these decisions because of someone else's religious beliefs. We all pray to the same invisible being in the sky, however we use a different name for each.

  24. Chaos! Chaotic world chaotic times

  25. It has been quite for way to long there. Its about to heat up again. Bus stop, then next a whole bus loaded with people.

  26. Our prayers will be answered

    only if we have clarity of mind

    and are spiritually awakened.

  27. DO GET READY, GET READY. GET READY GOD IS EVEN AT THE DOOR SEEK GOD WHILE NEAR FOR SALVATION. 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