At least 10 injured during Florida shooting, officials call ‘intentional act’

At least 10 people were shot in Lakeland, Fla., when four gunman opened fire. Officials said it was an “intentional act.” No arrests have been made.

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  1. Hey guys I know we need to be aware of this so we can stop this type of behavior in our civilization; however, please realize most people in the world just want to go to work come home and drink their beer and take care of their kids so they can wake up and do it again…. We need to aware but, we also need to realize this is some of the stuff that gets the media and the news spotlight.

  2. Now blue cars shoot people?
    Guess it would be racist to describe shooters

  3. What are doing Ron Desantis Amem .?

  4. Gang=blax. Is there anywhere in the usa where there are no blax?

  5. Oh well… FL getting what they voted for. Not sure why this is breaking news anymore.

  6. It's Florida. It might be ten people were accidentally shot after Bob said, "Hey, watch me!"

  7. Don’t come to Florida. It’s the Wild West, with homelessness everywhere, and non-stop gun violence, only the big death counts reach national level.

    Stay out of Florida.

  8. Oh just a drug drive-by nothing to see here

  9. Street Thugs making Florida turn into a California … quaint

  10. Trigger happy Americans

  11. No doubt it was black white supremacists.

  12. Not surprising in the state of Florida Major Crimes no matter what it is been happening in that state . It's been happening on an everyday daily basis 365 days a year, Nothing but Crimes. They are covering All Of It Up . And It's All On That Racist Corrupt Thief Crook Criminal Manipulator Using Hitler's Tactics DeSantis .

  13. it's time for the president to say enough is enough
    and then move on until we see another mass shooting.

  14. White people fault…

  15. Well I'm glad they cleared that up, otherwise I would have thought someone accidentally shot 10 people.

  16. Sadly, nothing new 🇺🇸☠️

  17. Hope they catch the Black shooters.

  18. Gahahaha wellcome to america ⚰

  19. Who wants to live in america still lol😂

  20. Lmfao, america is trying to make it to 1000 mass shootings for one year, you're well on your way.

  21. Florida. Can't wait for it to sink into the ocean— then we can build the wall we really need— along the Georgia border. Then use extreme vetting to see who can come in.

  22. How come only specific shootings make it in the news?
    I live in a blue state and I'm a Democrat, the amount of unreported shootings is staggering and scary
    If u outlaw guns only outlaws will have em

  23. Democrats have created crisis to further socialist movement and attack Americans rights

  24. The US is on a hot streak this month, is there something in the water over there?

  25. Criminals don't care about gun laws!

    And thanks for saying what this was… A drive-by! Which is gang activity!

    Only in Florida will they call it exactly what it was!

  26. I’m sure those temporary tags weren’t stolen or fake on the blue Nissan?!?!

  27. Weekly mass shootings. We are getting too used to it. Sad, what we are becoming.

  28. Gang or drug related crime promoted by soft on crime justice system!

  29. It's a Gang shooting everyone, no one cares, move along now. Hey NBC, stop milking the mass shootings, we've known for over 50 years that Gang Shootings don't count.

  30. Gang shootings spun off as "mass shootings" for sensationalism

  31. Protests coming to town!!!

  32. Remember, thoughts and prayers > Gun law reforms. 🙄🙄🙄

  33. In Florida Cops shoot criminals, Civilians shoot criminals, Criminals shoot criminals………I don’t see the problem

  34. And to think democrats want to take people's guns away so they won't be able to defend themselves. NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT

  35. This is so sad. A daily occurrence.

  36. How would a drive by be unintentional? Lmao these titles….

  37. Another day and another mass murder. MAGA?

  38. after the gunshots rang out, in the distance you can hear a loud scream of hero of a man, orgasming with the 2nd amendment flexing in his state

    "UUUUUUUUUH DESTANIS IS ORGASMING!!!…..oh sorry i guess i kinda ruined dinner there…just these shootings, you know how excited i get!!"

  39. The MSM is sad these past couple of weeks that they have to report on how minorities commit the overwhelming majority of mass shootings.

  40. Gangsters fighting so just stay home or if you do head out wear a bullet proof vest 😁

  41. Let's start calling these what they are, a crime shoot out from a drug deal. There fixed it for you "journalist"

  42. Come on fake news, what color, since you care so much😂

  43. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed!

  44. Mass shootings and police brutality are American as apple pie.