At least 17 killed in mass shootings in US over the weekend

The shootings took place in various cities over the weekend.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. no no no you cant stop it mass shooting is American Culture and tradition how dare you stop it??

  2. I'm no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I earn $29,700 every 10 days recently

  3. Guns it will be here, but this people in charge have to go.

  4. Cognitive dissonance, and violently refusing progress; things can't be like-they-were when we didn't know-better and used to have fun: it turns out, having fun was destructive irreversible man-made-disasters: new revelations demand rules, regardless of how things used to be done, its over. Conservatives mean to stay back when ignorance was fun, republicans mean to have fun like they used to, messing up everything; making us watch and volunteer to clean it up.

  5. If they wouldn't have legal guns, they would do this with illegal ones.

  6. Charge the parents of the mass shooters with the crime too no matter the shooter's age. That'll force more people to raise their kids correctly. There's no other solution.

  7. in Louisville, Ky about 4 yrs ago a yt male walked into a Kroger and gunned down 3 bl ppl. and a yt man with a gun stepped up to intervene. the gunman screamed yts don't kill yt and the the withdrew his weapon and allowed the ma to leave. and shot another person outside. can't make thius shyt up

  8. He problem in not the guns but sick people who are turned away from God. Parents that dont teach simple love to another human being. Care for each other. Sad

  9. It's the people not the guns . Our constitution is there for a reason . Why do you let these violent video game come out yall need to stop the violence not the 2 ammendment

  10. solution is to normalize carrying guns for all. it will minimize deaths when perpetrators can be killed fast.

  11. 4 shootings
    two by black men one by an Asian and one by a white man Sure sounds like diversity not working

  12. America is dangerous place to live and instead of sorting its problems it wages wars across the globe

  13. If the gun supporters continue to do nothing, it just seems likely that one day , the pendulum will swing the other way . Logic would have it. I support gun ownership but I have no need for anything other than a hunting rifle or two or even three. That is enough for me. I can enjoy the sport without stock piling or collecting semi-auto style weapons designed for rapid fire. I am for guns. I have no use for rapid fire. Deer and moose don't shoot back, nor do targets.

  14. 🤣 The US is ridiculous, what's even more pathetic are the clowns going "but mAh gUnS" when a simple problem can't be addresed. I'll be surprised if your joke of a country makes it to the middle of the century

  15. It's funny how they act surprised of the shootings, USA might soon be delivering guns through Amazon maybe in few years

  16. nothing wrong. Some ethnic groups should return to their countries. China should also follow the example of the United States.

  17. Thank you Governor Hochul for turning your attention to the roll of assault weapons and social media, like 4chan, play in these utterly depraved, violent and plaintively racist massacres. I, too, was born in Buffalo and loved my early childhood years spent in Buffalo. I'll never leave NYS because of leaders like yourself.

  18. The sad truth is that it's too late……guns laws won't stop bullets from flying in America….and a mass shooter can be anybody🎭

  19. Affordable quality education is the only solution. All the people in the US learn now is dog eat dog and that there's not enough to go round but both are unsustainable and unnecessary.

  20. The people who have the heart to do this, that’s someone’s mum, dad, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, friend… Why so much hate! We’re all humans you disgusting fucks!

  21. All these people quoting out dated laws from 1788? Wtf!! It's 2022 now I think things and people have changed since then don't you!! Guns kill people end of.

  22. People saying that banning guns won't solve problem, well it will solve it for the most part, mass shootings will drop significantly

    i will give you a example of my country Serbia, we have laws where you will be checked by the police when applied to get license to buy a gun and police will ask your neighbors to look if there was ever a problem between you and someone else that wasn't reported, if you get cleared you get the right to buy rifle or gun and only then you can buy it, and you have to ask to buy a gun every time you want another gun or rifle.

    Now another problem, Serbia is i think 3rd country in the world by guns we have per 100 people, and i don't think they take into account illegal guns, and there is a tons of them left from the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo i mean not just guns, bombs, rifles, sniper rifles, anti tank rockets,………

    My example, when i was selling my air rifle i got offers from people, offering me military sniper rifles like M76 with bullets, M70 automatic rifle, shotguns, guns, believe it or not some offered even anti tank rocket, bombs,….. off course i didn't accept it, i had my air rifle legally

    My point is that even people in Serbia owning so much legal and illegal weapons, there were only 5 mass shootings in the last 50-60+ years

    The problem are gun LAWS and people who decide to whether someone is getting gun or not, as well as the people them self

  23. Getting real in the streets. Everyone grab a weapon. Let the purge begin.

  24. Fuk yea to mass shootings, I wish more people would do it. I can't WAIT till everyone dies the human race is just pure shlt anymore

  25. …. You mean 10???? Why lie and say 17??

  26. Check out the Fox news video of the biden regime transporting illegal immigrants by the thousands using taxpayer dollars and unmarked government busses and airplanes givenig them taxpayers dollars and anything else they want and keeping it hidden from the American public !

  27. as long as you promote and encourage and say mental illness is ok in society and allow the media to provoke hatred between the races, you will continue to see mass shootings like this and more. It will either be racially triggered or triggered by the mentally ill, like it was in these cases. when will we ever learn?