Thursday , September 24 2020
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At least 2 dead, 14 injured in mass shooting at Texas university | ABC News

Gunfire erupted at a large unsanctioned Texas A&M University-Commerce homecoming event near Greenville.

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  1. That's what happens when you try to ban all guns. Oh wait.

  2. Did Trump send thoughts and prayers yet? Did the NRA say it's people, not guns who kill?

  3. I've never touched gun before, but is it really that hard to make a kill shot? 16 people you only managed to kill 2? Sry this is very irrelevant. I'm just confused

  4. We really cant go more than a day huh

  5. can we go 5 minutes without a shooting in America, 5 minutes?

  6. Weird how she’s smiling while explaining, why smile are any of them smiling.

  7. I live in texas but I do think texas has been really chaotic, it truely does scare me.

  8. Thoughts and Prayers

    Please don't get political, I'm just saying my condolences

  9. I swear Texas is literally getting shitted on this year. This sucks.

  10. For a minute there I read it as "mass shooting at Texas Tech University" and my heart sank.

  11. I blame the 2 dead who cant protect themselves.

  12. Can't stand how the media reports these horrible events.

  13. Wait wtf I live near this city where it happened it never happened at Texas university. This title is wrong

  14. no one gives a fuck , i live safe and sound in my country where guns are regulated and only owned by the army and not regular people

    enjoy ur madness america, no one gives a fuck about you , you could die tomorrow


  15. The craziest part is the cops were already responding to illegal parking it’s terrible how something like this has become common place, we need to be humans. Every one of those who cannot tell the truth of the person should be charged with manslaughter 💯

  16. But how? We sent thoughts and prayers.

  17. Hassan Nasr states he was tortured at Egypt. Russia

  18. Jeez why there is a lot of shooting in American

  19. What’s Texas law on carrying?

  20. Wow ppl having fun at a party and here comes a crazed fucking shooter smh

  21. A shooting in the US? Impossible! Everyone has a gun by now. Lol

  22. Let me guess blame it on a video game right ?

  23. In your intro ABC you wasted no time saying the gunman was using an semi automatic rifle. Yet no one saw anybody or anything. How is it ABC news is the only one that knows what kind of rifle was used? Pathetic reporting again.

  24. I knew homecoming events were trash, but still.

  25. What time was big bagdaddy….

  26. I find it a little bit disturbing that there are over a thousand likes on this video.

  27. And they say white people dont have culture

  28. Nothing new, boring, next.

  29. Another leftist libtard shooting up a school/college

  30. This don’t sound like no mass shooting to me, sounds like some beef between people, or some gangster or guy with “power” amongst that group of people carried out a lil sutten, maybe some punishment, maybe just sent a message. But the way there is a wall of silence suggests they all know what happened, they know who did it, who the intended targets were, and they’re not giving any info cos they werent in danger themselves, or theyve got some loyalty to the shooter. So it rules out the randomness of the shooting. To more of a targetted attack/altercation between factions that were known to each other

  31. Wtf is going on man all these freaking shootings in Texas?!?!?

  32. If the cops is there and they didn't know who was doing the shooting how in the hell gives them the ideal that the people there know who it was .just wanting someone else to blame

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