Sunday , December 5 2021
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At Least 2 People Killed, 4 Others Injured In Shooting At Idaho Mall

Two people were killed and at least 4 others injured, including a police officer, in a shooting at a Boise, Idaho, mall.

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  1. These perpetrators need capital punishment… preferably by firing squad!!

  2. This will continue to happen until we as a nation become GOD fearing once again


    Covid deaths US 757,849 Mexico 286,496 UK 139,571 Canada 28,805 China 4,636 Australia 1,653 New Zealand 28.

    357 mass shootings in 299 days, 184 school shootings in 10 years, Pinky power, Asian bashing, Antisemitism, Riots, MAGATs & QANON.

    "Mass shootings in the US are a National Embarrassment". J.Biden.

  4. Afghanistan is blowing itself up; here in America we shoot the place up, even with prop guns! Or we simply "shoot ourselves in the foot."

  5. I'm a combat veteran and I see no reason for this dumbed down America to allow civilians to have guns. You aren't in the national guard? You don't have the right. That's how the constitution should be read on 2nd amendments rights. Civilians don't need guns. Cops don't need guns. America, We don't need guns. Most of you don't really know how to handle them safely anyway.

  6. More blood on the NRA's hands. As long as the NRA keeps blocking changes to gun laws there are going to continue to be acts of violence like this.

  7. May God help us all

  8. Mass shooting is the favourite pastime in the Banana Republic of the U.S.

  9. "Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”

    (1 Samuel 15:3)

  10. USA has freedom for all……even freedom to shoot at anyone, anywhere, anytime…

  11. They need to install gun cameras to shoot any lunatic

  12. I wonder if they all said oh my God as they all fled for there lives…probly God did this bec they was all sinning..whatever everyone's time is u know Jesus. Awww well good…dont go to mails… and stay at home…stop hanging out ….go buy sonething then get your butts home and this wouldnt have happened….stop being disrespectful to people that are standing around looking for someone to shoot….if you would of been home praying yall but no…sin is all over this like I do and dont go anywhere in this dark age..end of times as the bible teaches…bad times yall…..when will u learn that it isnt safe out there

  13. — Where was Alec Baldwin during the shooting? —

  14. Just another normal day, nothing to see here.

  15. I’m a middle schooler and I’m surprised there wasn’t a lock down.

  16. This is why malls are dying in US?

  17. just another day in the land of the trigger happy

  18. This is why qualified individuals who want to carry guns should be allowed to do so… But qualified people who have passed training and vigorous background search, people who have been vetted and vouched for. This way we have protection against the criminals alongside the police.

  19. Shooting has become so normal that it is now on even par with robbery and theft .

  20. I have spent around six months at Boise , a wonderful and beautiful small city . I would have never imagined this kind of incident to occur .

  21. The sad fact this isn't a top story in my feed – and i watch this news channel almost daily. Just too normal now

  22. Ahh the anti gun narrative. I’m surprised. Usually you guys can’t keep the name Trump outta your mouths. So now it’s guns? Or are you going to go back to Trump?

  23. Woohoo! America! Guns, guns and more guns! The right wing and the NRA are happy as clams. The victims! Not so much. Gee, if there was only something that could be done about the proliferation of guns in America…🤔

  24. Can we get another stimulus Pelosi? I don't have a gun yet…

  25. This is like a twilight zone episode. Except it's an Entire season. Nothings changed.

  26. Time has come to wear bullet -proof vest in the US whoever you go outside especially in the mall and school…


  28. Where did you learn to talk like that?

  29. Just another day in ‘Merica

  30. This is every day now it doesn’t even make national news anymore

  31. all i wanted to know is if i can go shopping yet.

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