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At least 37 hurt after fire erupts at Exxon Mobile facility in Texas

The facility contained an extremely flammable gas; area residents and schools were ordered to shelter in place and keep their windows closed. READ MORE:




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  2. I'm in Bryan Texas and and I heard the explosions from here

  3. If you guys think that fire was serious you should’ve seen the one in Kentucky

  4. The same thing happened in Kentucky

  5. Hey lobbyist are happy as could be this is what money can buy contamination and poisoning of their citizens while their representatives hey rich on killing their constitutions

  6. Critical energy production impacted – oil refinery explosion also happened in Philadelphia.
    Hopefully this is truly just a coincidence…..

  7. These are happening in so many refineries all the sudden definitely being done by design

  8. Another excuse to raise fuel prices. The oil industry should be nationalized for the benefit of the country and not for profit.

  9. You can thank those thugs the Koch brothers for this and their deregulation bullshit. We have to move away from fossil fuels.

  10. Another oil refinery FIRE, WHO DID THIS??? !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Lets walk, no car buses areoplane only walk and use more disaster.


  13. Aw man the CSB is gonna have a ball with this one

  14. In the olden days……all these tragedies would have been seen as some sort of "sign from above" that God was 'angry' and the people would have looked at how they could do things better!!

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  16. “Accident”. We all know they just want to hike gas prices

  17. This Happens from goofing off!!! not following safety data sheets and work orders right!

  18. Another one. I swear they do this on purpose to drive up gas prices.

  19. 110 heat index.. no AC keep your windows closed…🔥

  20. Big surprise? Time to burn off all those chemicals that are so troublesome to dispose of without a convenient fire to blow them into the atmosphere. Yeah and that's exactly what it is. not to mention a huge huge Insurance claim that gets paid back to them for doing so. I imagine this will burn for a week. And actually that's no stretch of my imagination. I call it as I see it.

  21. Urban cowboy was filmed here.
    Thumbs up if you seen it. 👍

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