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At least 7 people killed after World War II vintage bomber crashes

A B-17 slammed into a warehouse at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Conn.


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  1. Do you think he was used to putting the throttle in a certain position with 4 engine's and the speed was to low for 3 of them?

  2. Seeing the broken crashed plane reminds me of the one in Nacht der untoten

  3. Advertisement in our local paper a few weeks ago to take a ride in a WWII B-17…Cost was about $450 per person…this is tragic. He should have been able to make it back to airport easily on 3 engines, or even 2…Sounds like pilot made some kind a mistake on the go around or possibly lost another engine too, and it dropped too fast. Error's build up quickly…so, more than one cause.

  4. Plain stupidity, Why would you want to get off the ground with something that old🤔

  5. I was on the other B17 bomber that took off in Massachusetts in 2015. It’s crazy that the other plane crashed. This is scary. I honestly don’t know how it was even legal at ride in that plane. There was a catwalk across the bombing latch. Anyone could have went under the ropes and fell to their death. It was a really awesome experience, but also quite frightening at how potentially deadly it could have been. It is really really sad to see that the other B17 planet crashed. This is devastating.

  6. i stg news networks have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to aviation. their “aviation expert” is a retired marine. unless he flew and even if he did….wtf makes him an expert?

  7. There’s only 10 airworthy b-17s now 🙁

  8. i hope the families at least get a refund on their Groupon.

  9. you could've not monetized this video, just saying

  10. It's a very current situation because I too love vintage vehicles. Safety regulations are a must. I need new seat belts in my old truck especially after the Kevin Hart vintage wreck

  11. Why are they flying plains from 1944 they don’t belong in the air

  12. the airport isn't in hartford. It is in a small town called Windsor Locks…..

  13. Just another grotesque example of what a bunch of flaming a-holes the media and their so called "experts" are…   They're dumb as a box of rocks, yet they run their mouths…   Col…

  14. First, I am sorry for the victims and their families.
    A terrible loss.
    But this is typical sensationalism by the press.
    Total deaths via airplanes in 2018 was about 500
    (this was above average for that year)
    mostly from fairly modern General Aviation aircraft.
    18 were from airline accidents.
    Total fatalities from motor vehicle accidents yearly in U.S. is about 40,000!!
    Deaths from these vintage aircraft is very small in comparison,
    mainly because they are so meticulously restored to better than new condition,
    and are flown by very experienced pilots.
    I've ridden in 'Aluminum Overcast', another WWII B-17
    and would do it again without the slightest hesitation.
    Every square centimeter has been inspected and any unairworthy parts are replaced.
    I have two airplanes; one is 70 years old, and the other one is 80 years old.
    They are meticulously maintained and I do not hesitate to fly them.
    I can only imagine what a field day the press would have if I crashed and died in one of them.
    I, and most common sense people, accept that we will always pay a price for motion.
    If the press were honest
    they would put their statistics in perspective.
    The two worst causes of death in the U.S. are
    #1 heart disease (> 600,000/yr) and #2 cancer (also about 600,000/yr)
    and the majority of them are caused by
    Smoking, Poor diet, and Obesity
    Does the press sensationalize these 'sensational worthy' statistics?…NO
    Are people shouting in protest from the tops of buildings
    to make people stop smoking, drinking alcohol,and to eat right…NO
    They ignore these great killers to concentrate on stories like this one.
    After flying > 50 years and living 67 years
    one thing is for sure:
    If we are ground vintage aircraft
    we'd better ground all automobiles, all airplanes
    and for that matter, alcohol and food known to be ultimately fatal to mankind.
    I say keep these vintage airplanes flying
    Life wouldn't seem as worthwhile living without them.

  15. It may be time to mothball these old planes and put them in museums.

  16. We don't know the variables yet. Mac McCauley was the most experienced B-17 pilot in history. If anyone was going to land that crippled airplane it was him. It's much too early to speculate. RIP to all on board who perished.

  17. Wow, maybe the FAA should order all these planes to be scrapped?

  18. The maintenance on these aircraft is more through then any modern airliner. This is highly unusual and yes sad. I hope they find the cause, prevent it from happening again and continue on the very important history teaching missions these aircraft fly on. I want my children to continue to see these types of aircraft flying. Static displays suck.

  19. I’m so sorry this has happened. My condolences and blessings to all involved.

  20. This dude just called my Grandmother ancient.

  21. Watch this video – News on Russia in English with Zakh the Blissful. I might get killed for these words.

  22. There are 1000s of planes that old that are still flying today. In fact older planes are still in commercial operation. take the DC-3 for instance its 10 years older then the B-17 and still flys as an airliner. Just because its old dont mean that its bad. Older planes dont age as much as newer planes because they are not pressurized. Newer planes suffer more problems becuase of pressurization.

  23. I sure hope the FAA dose not make it to where other vintiage aircraft cant fly, Becuase if they once flew they deserve to fly again

  24. Ya, they all shoulda stayed home and played War Thunder.

  25. Will these people that died in the bomber be counted in WWII deaths is what I wanna know.

  26. So much disinformation by the news. There are at least 46 B-17s in existence. There are 12 that are currently flying and another 4-5 being restored to flying condition.

  27. I was at air show in Tyler TX…B-17 They offering ride $ 400.00..I would not even think riding in that plane, all think about was 74 year old plane something is going to break.

  28. Why the hell did they fly it in the first place? Old ass plane with evidently no routine check-ups… sounds like it was bound to happen. My heart goes out to the victims but goddamn there needs to be tip top quality control with machinery this old.

  29. Maybe someone put the wrong kind of fuel in it, pilot says he lost #4, witnesses saying engines sputtering and popping right before crash…

  30. Just like the 737 max , they crash sometimes

  31. Trumps fault! MSNBC just reporting that if we had open borders we would have had way more highly skilled engineers that would of prevented such a tragedy. Cause we all know who’s coming threw the Mexican border Highly skilled Highly educated

  32. don't know why Americans are soo into ww2 era planes

  33. Yes there was another incident this aeroplane was involved in…it was called World War II

  34. R.I.P. to the people in the crash and everyone involved in it and thanks to the people helping to get the situation under control, very sad this happened I think that the attraction of the plane was a good thing as. It taught people and was fun but there really needs to be better safety measures to make sure this doesn't happen again.

  35. I flew in the B-24 back in the 90s when she was the All American, and crawled thru the 909. the Collings Foundation is a very professional outfit, the people are great and the aircraft are immaculately maintained. What these people do gives us an appreciation of history that you don't get from books, movies, or even museums. These news people are idiots trying to sensationalize a tragedy in the fine tradition of yellow journalism. saying the plane was "ancient" is nonsense, it seems to me that some modern jetliners have been falling out of the sky recently like rain. My thoughts and prayers are with the Passengers and crew of the 909, God speed.

  36. How old is to old 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ scrap yard is where that kind of stuff belongs and stop trying to make money 💰 by taking people on tours and ending lives just to make a quick buck!

  37. “According to the AAF Statistical Digest, in less than four years (December 1941- August 1945), the US Army Air Forces lost 14,903 pilots, aircrew and assorted personnel plus 13,873 airplanes — inside the continental United States . They were the result of 52,651 aircraft accidents (6,039 involving fatalities) in 45 months.

    Think about those numbers. They average 1,170 aircraft accidents per month—- nearly 40 a day. (However, less than one accident in four resulted in total loss of the aircraft)”

  38. Idiot comments… Doesn’t matter how old, if it’s airworthy it’s ok.

  39. This sounds like something out of The Twilight Zone. Imagine, all the passengers and crew were the souls of people who died during the war, and they keep returning until all of these bombers are destroyed.

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