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Attacks in Syria, Barcelona protests, flying pigs; This Week in Pictures

A look at the week’s top photos from around the globe.


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  1. Hey ABC NEWS I got a scoop! I heard the great military mastermind, Colonel Sanders from Kentucky, has just joined forces with Turkey to attack the Kurds! You should get somebody on that quick before CNN out scoops you!

  2. Flying?! more like FLOPPING…..
    at least the Hu-Pigs in L.A. they're likely referencing….arr arr… 🙂
    but THESE little piggies are CUTE!! :))

  3. Hey ABC, remember when you knowingly edited a video from a gun range and tried to play it off as an "error" when people put the screws to you?

  4. ABC tying to beat out CNN for the most fake news !


  6. Nice photo op in the thumbnail.

  7. Hey where is David New York tonight he’s not on is that because he and you are nothing but a bunch of freaking liars I remember when he lied about Puerto Rico and now this shit

  8. We want more fake war videos.

  9. I don’t believe anything from abc news anymore

  10. ABC is no longer trustworthy

  11. Fake news !! ABC is fake news

  12. Too bad I can’t believe anything from your shit network now

  13. More footage from Kentucky or did this time they go to Texas or some other local in the U.S. ?

  14. ABC "News" portraying a Fun Shoot in the US as Turkish firefight against the Kurdish Forces! This is fake and easily seen as NON-MILITARY explosives "Ignition", not MILITARY HIGH EXPLOSIVES "Detonation" due to the extreme burning of fuel oil seen in the video ABC chose to air as something called "The TRUTH" .. being an ex-pyrotech here are some things to help in ABC's next "News" story, 1st Hire an ex EOD from the military, next buy plenty of Tannerite, 3rd buy plenty AR's, AK's, bumpstocks n ammo, in case you have no idea you'll need "tracers", that's the little glowing bullets the ABC editor sees coming out of the round pipe on the "weapons of war" called a "barrel" ps it's not like a 55 gallon barrel or rain barrel… if you're going to lie cover the bases ya idiots… what one ex military man could have done for that fake story, we might have believed ABC, ewww you almost got away with it!!!!!!!!!

  15. Are we sure none of this was filmed in Kentucky?

  16. Was a perfect scenario of the controlled, purposeful, vindictive, chaos that trump and his warmongering nazi's want. Sadly

  17. Of all the headlines in this video, flying pigs stuck out the most.

  18. It is impossible to believe but the pieces are there and they could add up. When you combine religion and politics you have to ask yourself how does it make you feel. If a church is using the Bible as a business to get rich what would happen if it was to hook up with the supreme lawgiver of the land? Is it possible that someone could feel himself ordained by the Holy Spirit allowing himself to make judgments against human nature doing God's work himself? Are churches actually telling people if they get baptized they will inherit the Holy Spirit that Jesus died on the cross for? Jesus died for our sins why would he give away (for free) the Holy Spirit (Spirit of God) in a world that refuses to accept him and does not take his meaning in truth to themselves. If Jesus cloned himself in everybody would it really make the world a better place to live if God would be doing the thinking for everybody? Down south some people believe Jesus was ordained to die on the cross not having the choice for himself and it was in this they say God shows his love for us the most that it was by his will that Jesus was crucified not our own. Jesus gave us truth to know God, today money takes that truth away. It is through truth that Jesus gives us meaning to God's Spirit. Miracles for money is way to absurd to imagine yet some people do more than just imagine it. If people need another personality than their own to live take mine it has left me homeless and dying alone. How does it make you feel to be a criminal in your own body knowing the law wants to keep you in that damnation till the end of time. You need to talk to a homeless person living in a city that criminalizes homelessness. When man can judge over man killing all hope they have what is left for God to do. The rich already own the world in their money they say. The killing of inalienable rights, the right to know God in your nature may already be under attack in the spirit of avarice. If Church Christians believe they can judge for Jesus coming off their own footsteps does anybody really believe damnation is out of reach of the Antichrist in the times of avarice? Bullying attacks self-esteem killing children through suicide just how much further do we need to go to get our hands on the brass ring? Selling your cross to salvation back to Satan to win some perks to this world was what Satan told Jesus he would give him if Jesus was to follow him (I guess Jesus wasn't a city person). Some people may believe this goes on out of the mind of God using the law to destroy your will to survive calling yourself a loser blaming yourself for not fitting into the status quo. Pledge of Allegiance to your country is not Pledge of Allegiance to God no matter what they say. Why on earth would the powers that be want to flip flop on Heaven to create a hell on earth motivating their money even more? When Pat Robertson finishes kicking President Donald Trump out of heaven maybe all this will make more sense. Why would the powers that be prefer the intelligence of the evil over the love of God? To get this answer we may have to go back to Eden an ask Satan why it is so great to be God and why is there so much power for him when people make him one?

    PS. what is the point of talking about anything unless you can see it for yourself. Whatever the powers that be hope to accomplish my bet is that common sense will no longer be a friend of man in times to come. Special interest is bringing all this misery to the world just to make the dollar and its flag look good. Their money is $23 trillion in debt they can't get out of in guilt to their intelligence. They steal out of the heart of mother nature giving nothing back in return but an environmental crisis for their children to live in. Don't go homeless, it really is a bummer and pity pays the price.

  19. Who Else Is A True Fan Of Abc News?😍

    👇🏼Im gifting my next 34 Subs💫

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