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Attorney General William Barr: No widespread fraud

The attorney general says he found no evidence of election wrongdoing while President Donald Trump is reportedly considering pardons for family members.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. He's conscious
    Was draining he brains.

  2. He said to date. Important context. Plus it’s a civil case not criminal. It’s not his jurisdiction

  3. LOLOLOL sorry I had to stop laughing no widespread fraud there is so much fraud in the key states that if you took out the fraud that is dead people voting ,people voting that are under 17,ballets that are not verified by signature,address,date etc, Trump ballet found in ditches ,trash,on side of the road Trump would win in all the state by a big margin

  4. Listen up Barney Rubble Barr!! Make Sidney Powell a Special Prosecutor NOW.

  5. Barr is batrayer to America and president Trump. Shame on how much he corrupted himseld to backstaffing America. He get salary every month and he has done nothing and sucking money which is paid by American people. Shame on him. I hope he step down from his position asap or arrest him and send him jail.

  6. They just want to cover big issue by covid. They can only things to do fake news… This is real news please watching till end

  7. Again cutting the videos to take out of context! Oh my God this is disgusting! How can you do that?

  8. Still believing in AP (Associated Press)? Didn't you know that the last press poll indicates that only 7% of journalists are republican and the rest 93% is democrat? There must be a change in the media in order to be again not so biased as it has become, worsened from decades until now.

    They took him out of context as always. OF COURSE THERE WAS NOT widespread fraud because Trump won in almost the entire country PLUS not in all states was Dominion certified to carry out the elections. For example, Texas since 2012 does not certify Dominion. Here is the map where Dominion is certified.

    I put it from the same Dominion page itselft:

    Scroll down, at the end you will see the map.

  9. Barr had a chance to save his ass. Too late, too bad.

  10. He said haven't found yet… Yet you leave that out

  11. Trump is a TRAITOR!!! 11 counts (Federal) of Obstruction of Justice…3 State Charges in SDNY, 2 Civil Charges, Tax Evasion, Money Laundering..not to mention Abandoning His Post and Dereliction of Duty!

  12. Most likely William Barr feel good by the left influence and lies. No FBI investigation, no DOJ investigation… fearing these people already being bought…..all just keep quiet…If DOJ is suspicious, Trump was advised to look other way to see truth and justice, like Martial Law and Resurrection act to seek justice for America Honest good people.

  13. You here that crybaby dump you and judy plan didnt work haha the whole world is laughing at your corrupt lying asses crybaby accept the fact that over 81million peoples dont want your corrupt ass the american peoples have no idea what side you are on??? Your?corrupt behime is on you can't get the facts that over 80million hate your corrupt lying 😈 evil,, hateful,,,souless loser behime its over bud you are the most hated souless moron behime the 🌎 world has ever had thank you jesus only a few more weeks over 80million,, 80million peoples agree. Its time for your crybaby behim to go nothing is going to change you damn loser get to packing. THE SMART AMERICAN PEOPLES HAS SPOKEN YOU WASNT EVERN A GOOD PRESIDENT ANYWAY WHY WOULD WE ALLOW YOU TO STAY????? HAHAHA..

  14. Someone please take Bills glasses off and clean them, then shove em up his ass, thats all the good they'll do.

  15. Barr put Trump in prison soon, Trump is the fraud these are Dangerous people Trump making a fool out of Himself, running his Hopes 👋 every courts system in the state you still lose .so power law .Time to packed your bags and leave.

  16. No widespread fraud that can overturn the election, ok. But should not we investigate and prosecute all people involved in voter fraud now? It is like they don't care because the fraud was only a few million votes or what not? Was my vote counted? Was my vote counted 10 times or a 100 times over? I want to know.

  17. Wait but Bill Barr is Donnie’s main puppet?! Lmao #DonTheCon & his minions are all being flushed out like the rats they are! #squattergate

  18. Mr Barr, you are fired…………….

  19. They bought you 2 right?!

  20. Yeah, not seen … maybe some looking would help ….

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