Friday , November 27 2020
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Attorney on why Trump asking world leaders to probe Biden is legal

FOX News contributor and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy says it’s legal for the president to call on other countries to investigate corruption but also points out President Trump is vulnerable to the argument that the call to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was done for political purposes.

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  1. So Biden is untouchable because he is running for president but Trump is not as the actual President. Seems reasonable

  2. "Icky". Yup, perfectly describes Trump and his supporters😒

  3. Get to the bottom of corruption

  4. That interview where Biden admits to having the prosecutor fired, while dangling $1B in aid over their heads and tells them to 'call the President' is exactly why Obama didn't want Biden to run and won't back him.

  5. Why are these ppl stupid to the fact that we have an anti-corruption treaty with Ukraine?

  6. Let me see here, it was okay for Hillary Clinton to pay for a dirty dossier on President Trump but it’s not okay for for President Trump to even ask someone to look into corruption on the part of Biden. The truth is is okay to investigate Republicans but not okay to investigate Democrats. That is what they claim. What a farce!

  7. Why does our "Intelligence agencies or Security agencies" keep protecting Traitor Trump.? Trump doesn't respect or trust our own "Security agencies."

  8. Russia Russia Russia Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine these news people are idiots. Shifts a liar. Biden's crooked. The news media is fake. Even many on Fox are fake. It's a crying shame to see this type of scumbag. It is what it is. Hopefully Trump can get enough of the house and the Senate so that we can change this nation back to being a decent place to live. Hopefully we can get a lot of the news media put in jail. Along with a lot of people like shift

  9. Trump will bring down slow Joe n son . oboomba..n Hillary n bills ties to epstien.

  10. Cavuto, if investigating the wrongdoing during '16 election might hurt Biden's chances to win the '20 election, should there be no investigation? Some said Hillary shouldn't be investigated for her emails in '16. It's the same principle.

  11. 🇺🇸👌👍✌️💪

  12. The most Transparent President in the history of the United States.

  13. If the mentally ill Trump haters are going to impeach do it vote on it do it

    Uncle Joe cannot be investigated for criminal activity because he is running for president? WTF

  14. Doesn't help when a journalist struggles to come up with the term 'icky'.

  15. The fox news people has received the order of turning against trump, remember once a never trumper, always a never trumper, the neocons also have a lot to loose because at the top they are the same people, just as a caveat Bill Clinton called Bush 41, "The father i didn't have"

  16. The investigation began before biden was a candidate . . it began during the muller investigation . . to say this is about attacking biden because he is a candidate only proves your not paying attention

  17. How can you not care about politics, you are IN politics..

  18. This guy is a deep state fox interviewing a deep state.

  19. Dems in 2016; Trump why didn’t you go after the people that interfered in the election?!?
    Dems now; how dare you ask questions about the 2016 election and corruption! Dems are seriously crazy !

  20. President looking into this before Biden ran….lying

  21. What's wrong with checking out a dirty politician….or VP

  22. Fox business , never Trumper's

  23. Why does the reporter have to insert his feelings? Aren’t reporters supposed to be unbiased?

  24. No, how about THE MEDIA INVESTIGATES Joe Biden AND China's Billion dollar deal having to do with the surveillance software China is using to subjugate their people..? President Trump is trying to call our attention to something here. That includes you FOX.

  25. Biden and Bernie need to throw the towel, they both have one foot in the grave. Bernie's HEART ATTACK will end his political ambition. Joe Biden is nothing but skin and bone. You can see his skeleton hidden by his AVAITIOR GLASSES. They won't even be around for the primaries.

  26. Leftists will impeach in a heartbeat over 'icky' lol

  27. Trump got his lawyer to look into Russiagate. That's how this Ukraine thing all got started. When Trump was being assailed by the Dems. and the media for so called colluding with the Russians. Listen to what Giuliani is saying! But then how stupid of Joe Biden to admit his quid pro quo as Vice President with Ukraine on camera! And then afterwards run for President. He was just asking for this to happen!

  28. Impeach Trump. Why was pelosi reluctant to do so? No president who has been impeached has lost a bid at a second term. Lol.

  29. Biden a threat to Trump?!? HA!!!

  30. Bidens just collateral, and convenient, damage from Donny being pissed about a very plausibly loaded investigation(s) into him for almost 3 yrs now. And Biden was point man on Ukraine when all the "salacious" rumors were being brewed up, so he could very well be a player in the crap storm anyhow. And so every one of them is terrified of Durham because if there are slimey actions to be found he will find them, and career long has convicted members of both parties equally so cries of being partisan will be rubbished. I think the faux impeachment is more than just the left avoiding another L..they're trying to get out ahead of Barr and Durham to try and suck life out of the bombs theyre about to drop. Really just keeps getting more obvious day by day..its damage control and trying to dodge shots that are about to fly their way with the bonus of looking like they're impeaching. Feel like its pretty much that simple unfortunately 😐

  31. The only thing Mr. President Trump care about is this country. God bless America & Mr. President Trump 🙏

  32. Good Exactly!!!!! They are wuilty and corrupt as all getout. Worse thencour.minds can. Comprehend!!!!!!No Biden 1st We alreaesyxknow that other forgein governmemts are corrupt too. But for this man to say forcus in Urkraine more then Biden, No!!!!! Its imporntanr and major security breach withxour own

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