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Australia lights up to celebrate Ashes victory

Some of the biggest landmarks and stadiums in Australia have turned green and gold to celebrate Australia’s win in the Women’s Ashes


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  1. I love women’s cricket and I love how it’s being promoted as much as it is. But to call this this Ashes just isn’t right. I’m not talking about genders here I’m talking about the format; playing ODIs and T20s really goes against the tough gruelling battles seen in the 5 tests in the Ashes. It’s really not the same.

  2. The sheila's have bigger bollox than the neanderthal tramps they call men.

  3. Now Australia's women's cricket team looks better than their Australian men's team.

  4. Biggest Rivalry In World Cricket
    Ashes: No
    India Vs Pakistan: Obviously

  5. This just shows how much more Australia supports woman's cricket than England

  6. Perry perry and perry ….. Every single game.. Magnificent

  7. Wow😊 Congrats Southern Stars on winning the Ashes and retaining the urn!

  8. """""my sport Australia frnds👍👍

  9. What about mens Ashes… They are really gonna be tortured by English mens….

  10. My favourite team Australia cricket women's

  11. Watch our living legend, god of cricket MSK PRASAD's rare unseen videos on my channel 🤣 he is too good😝😝

  12. Good to see such support and encouragement for women cricket.

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