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Australia romp to 16th consecutive ODI win

Australia’s star-studded batting line-up were contained by Sri Lanka after a strong start, but the bowlers did the job to seal a 157-run win


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  1. Alica haly is best and I love hime so much

  2. Poor betting from srilanka….🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  3. Fielding ,bowling , batting
    In every section Aussies were better than Srl.

  4. Moony reminds me of Matthew Hayden. Good old days.

  5. Girls or boys doesn't matter aus is aus there playing cricket is hardcore

  6. India vs Australia women would be a good battle

  7. Just watched for Australian women…beautiful.

  8. It looks like Aussie playing with under 14 women

  9. Mooney Played like David Warner ❤

  10. Australian women have good sportsmanship than their men counterparts

  11. Cangaro drawing sheet Australia

  12. aus women's team is in a different league in terms of playing, others are no where compared to them.

  13. Ricky Ponting's team v Meg Lannning's team.

  14. I didnt knew how much lankans score in their batting but i assumed after watching aussies batting 5.07mins out of 7.29mins that lankans performed miserably….2mins enough for lankans batting highlights…..rip lankans cricket both mens n womens

  15. The Aussie Women's team are wayyyy too strong. I think they would have give a good challenge to a couple of the international mens team and grab easy wins over many including [Men's] Sri Lanka, BD and maybe even Pak.

  16. Australia have got some dream names in their eleven- Healy, Parry Gardener and Lanning ❤

  17. #যারা_বাজি_খেলেন, তারা অবশ্যই #পড়বেন।

    আগামীকাল #GUYANA V #BARBADOS এর খেলাটা যার কাছে যত টাকা আছে কাল খেলবেন। আনলিমিটেড এর উপর যদি কিছু থাকে,সেটাই খেলবেন। লাইফ টাইম লস কভার করবেন। কল করেন উইন এর পর পেড 📱 01789329925

  18. How's the lack of pace. Takes like 3 seconds to come onto the bat lol

  19. Al r paaa kya chutiypaa hai

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