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Authorities foil 3 new mass shooting threats | ABC News

A Florida high school student is in custody after he wrote in a social media app “I want people to suffer,” the latest in a string of 14 arrests in the past month related to mass shooting threats.

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  1. We make jokes damn i make jokes like that with my friends all the time

  2. FAKE mass shootings lead to The government coming down on peoples freedom of speech. When they fake mass shootings. People get scared and give up their guns and they get afraid to say what they want. It is more fear and control tactics by paid charlatans trying to take the peoples power away.

  3. Fbi (aka the ADL)informant goads schizophrenics to fed post and then say they prevented a terrorist attack. America is a joke and most of its people not white nationalists are fucking worthless scum.

  4. Yea my state issued a warning about a group of people threatening to shoot up schools around my county including mine. I really hope it’s just a hoax

  5. Show these idiots what will happen when you do this shit.. .it ain't no joke

  6. I came here because I saw a Winn Dixie in the background. Those still exist?

  7. Maybe if you stop making these killers famous because that’s why they do it so how about you stop saying their names and stop showing their photos

  8. spy on your neighbor more and more and more…..sad but civil war is getting even closer.

  9. If I was to be a "mass shooter" I would only kill rapist, murderers & demonic folk.. never innocent people.

  10. Haha shootings are so epic am I gonna get arrested now

  11. Good! There's plenty more of these types of animals out there as well.

  12. The med files of these people in question must be made public to authorities and law enforcement agencies. Time to track psych med usage to gun violence and threats of violence. Antidepressants aka ssri's are proven to be placibo by their makers and to cause suicidal ideation and violence. And ya gonna give a teen on that, an AK? Wutt wutt?

  13. The mother of that spoiled boy needs a few good slaps in the face until realize that is not a joke !

  14. We are officially in the future…stopping crimes before they happen..tracing people through phones and satellite

  15. 1:04 check out how my dad holds his gun😩😩 can feel the shaking through my damn phone

  16. If you are going to commit a crime dont post it online or tell people.

  17. "These kids say stuff like that all the time. It's a joke to them. It's a game"
    Yes, the last level of that game is called jail. Very thrilling.

  18. please donate for my dad


    hes blind for 6 years now and willing to do surgery

  19. Wanting people to suffer is not a crime. If it were the democrat candidates would all be arrested

  20. Hmm Florida boy arrested before he could become the legendary Florida man.

  21. Elementary school just started and there was a mass shooter drill, first week of school….new reality is so sad

  22. Those 14 people are all or almost "all" WHITE who tried to commit a mass shooting.


  23. Is this protected by the first amendment or is this like yelling fire in a crowd?

  24. Our society is starting to resemble the Minority Report.

  25. Every mother fucker down voting this should be investigated.

  26. They shouldn’t even be publicizing this story. Don’t drive them underground.

  27. About time people and cops feel the pressure to arrest these people.

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