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Authorities taking precautions before release of new ‘Joker’ movie

The FBI alerted local police to potential threats detected online and two major theater chains reminded moviegoers that they would not admit anyone wearing masks or face paint.



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  1. i live in aurora and saw the joker movie it’s opening night and i was scared out of my mind that something was gonna happend🤦🏾‍♂️ but they had security and stuff

  2. What a joke. People are soft

  3. This is all because the media is overrun by SJWs that only want to focus on identity politics. Simple as that.

  4. So movies and games are to blame right
    U know it’s not that I can go down to a gun store or somewhere online and buy a fully automatic rifle.
    Ya movies and games are to blame.

  5. The media is always full of shit.

  6. The media wants a shooting to happen.

  7. I don't blame em. People are crazy now a days. You never know what they will do. Always take precautions for the safety of others. Respect.

  8. The movie was written as a response to liberal woke culture. This is why they are saying this about white males right now, because they know the entire anti-woke culture was started by white men

  9. Gotta plan in advance a scape goat for our next mass shooting yow!!!

  10. Now that my mums seen this video i cant go and see joker anymore . Thanks alot

  11. Wow come on!!😶😶😶 Fucking up the movies sales

  12. They better be talking about the importance of mental health. Stupid people

  13. I just went to watch this film.. didnt detect any signs of danger. 😊

  14. Disney probably started these rumors. that's how gross they've become.

  15. and this didn't happen in suicide squad? same energy
    bad movie but same type of energy in a way.

  16. Do you know how you put an end to violence that is brought on by entertainment, like a moving theater being shot up by someone. No matter what they get when the go to court, as soon as they are arrested, if we are 100 percent sure they did it, public floggings, it's put on every single channel and run in all news medias. Assured pain for actions is an assured deterrent, most real villains are cowards when assured pain is involved. When it comes to multiple deaths, each death …is a flogging day which takes place a week apart. After the first flogging, you will start to see real regret in the villain as well as fear. At trial, a no show of remorse receives a repeat of action flogging. The first time this is done and the first time it is put on the air, I would venture to say that I don't think there will be anymore repeats of what this person did. ASSURED PAIN IS A DETERRENT!!!

  17. Bro you just posted cringe

  18. It’s the media that will cause a shooting and that’s what they want. Also the joker is a hero.

  19. joker is a hero stop playin

  20. They won't ppl killed that's the agenda

  21. This is so freaking funny 😂😂
    But sadly it is not
    This movie will be released all over the world, so blame the movie and not the GUNS.

    Yup, this is USA

  22. N o S p e c i f i c T h r e a t I d e n t i f i e d

  23. News: Young teens shooting in Chicago today…onto the next topic…
    News: Disgusting racist misogynistic white men, incels, are coming to kill you and your whole family. We will continue to update you on this important story…

  24. ABC wants something bad to happen

  25. Liberal niggas pretty much hoping someone will shoot up a theatre so they can further their agenda. We’re just pawns for their sick games.

  26. Its a comic book character , not real dumbass's Ppl are sick so blame the unreal SMDH

  27. They never had that much protection at the school shootings

  28. The media loves it when there is a mass shooting. They may put on fake phony sad faces but deep down it brings them joy when these tragedies occur because it brings them ratings and views. They are nothing more than disgusting parasites.

  29. So people are blaming Joaquin Phoenix for what???

    Being a good actor

  30. From what I'm hearing the movie isn't even as violent as some hacks are claiming.

  31. This movie didn't even come out yet but it's already epic

  32. The media has nothing good to do but blame movie's and video game for violence, the joker has always been my batman villain never did he make me want to shoot up anything same for all violent video I just sit chill and enjoy the games storyline, anything media and with powerful people they never play video games or watched movie so they just hating, I bit they can't even beat a game.😂

  33. "The Joker shouldn't be thought as a hero" Wow. Thanks news. I had no fucking idea that a super villain isn't hero material.

  34. thats y i watch pirate copies at home

  35. Wow can’t believe you guys are actually calling for a mass shooting you just think that the entire human race can’t separate fiction from reality

  36. Ahh come on we got bigger problems!

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