Auto workers strike could cost the economy billions

Economist Steve Moore discusses the implications of a United Auto Workers strike on ‘The Bottom Line.’

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  1. Done buying whiney shitty American vehicles. You can tell the people from the top to the bottom of American made cars are just garbage. Super high priced always breaking down and always walking off the job.

  2. Biden-SHUT UP! Whenever you open that whole in your face a LIE comes out.

  3. Don’t buy EV’s just a ploy to help China.

  4. when the big 3 make unreliable OVERPRICED vehicles rushed into production to meet their GREED goals.the smart consumer should not buy anything from them anymore.the big 3 treat their customers like lab rats, & were stupid enough to continue to allow them by overpaying for their cheap made unreliable garbage, thats designed to feed corperate parts departments & repair bays.

  5. Fire all Unions. There's a lot of people that can do the same job for less and the cost of cars will come down and more will be made here.

  6. Please list the average UAW salary & let's see if us average people support them.

  7. Let them strike….Dont Baile-Out the AUTOMATIC MACHINES, making machines.

  8. There is no one on this planet who needs a raise of 36 percent. Bring your factories to Arizona, I will help you make a car for 30.00 an hour. Unions at grocery stores are a joke. So let’s just say this nicely. Your fired! We can’t afford a car now, and can’t afford it when you get a raise. I drive my truck with over 111000. Miles. Biden omits sucks. WTF. Your rich and you have stolen money from the government. There is no megaonmics. It’s called make America great again. Dork. Biden is the worst liar in American history. Vote Vivek.

  9. It looks like a big deal but as far as I understand only about 13.000 workers walked out in total. They could all fit in one sport arena. I thought there would be like hundred thousand or more? I guess they don't want them to work anyway since they already produced too many unsold overpriced cars that are just sitting on dealer's lots

  10. In the hurt locker yet? Never thought I'd say it but Toyota and Hyundai looking pretty good these days! Shove your EVs!

  11. These companies should fire these lazy union strikers and hire good honest ward working people

  12. 140,000 union milking it class

  13. The auto companies got government bailouts tax money trump gave them tax cuts and now they refuse to give there employees raises

  14. Ive been buying toyota for 20 years for a reason. Will continue to do so.

  15. Union is a synonym for Lazy workers. So let’s push prices up on the rest of the blue collar workers in the country that already can’t afford a new car! Sluggards!

  16. We are possibly witnessing the downfall of the American Dream!

  17. Greedy companies need to go bankrupt capitalism is a sin

  18. “Maganomics” That’s awesome!

  19. Nothing but brainrot in the comments here.

  20. At the moment, the government doesn't have clear plans to combat inflation. Inflationary forces are affecting different areas like stocks, real estate, and goods, leading to price increases. It's not wise to leave your money sitting idly, waiting for a market downturn. Instead, it's a smart move to begin with cautious investments and gradually increase your involvement as prices stabilize. Making the decision to withdraw a substantial sum, exceeding $500,000, from my account at this juncture is a difficult choice.

  21. You walk off, you quit. Fire them all and hire illegals. Maybe we'll get a good product cheaper.


  23. The American taxpayer should go on strike. No more taxes.

  24. Corporate pigs took their 40 percent, they deserve, whatever they get, they're greed and always will be.

  25. Lets not forget for a second how much is handed out to foreign intrrest and now illegal Aliens Human other wise.

  26. Americas UAW congress sold us out 😢

  27. If they get there raise…new cars will cost more…used cars will cost more!!! Nobody will be able to buy anything. For sure NOT A ELECTRIC vehicle!! Hey maybe the Amish got it right…or do they have to electric horses!?

  28. Please strike! Go for it!!😂

  29. Biden created this economic crisis, now he is trying to get himself out of it…ran out of tax payer money…have to pay it back…over spent by 2 trillion in each of his first two years…

  30. When all people in the room think that climate warming is a hoax, what can you expect ? You do not believe in the future of EVs, fine, hope you love walking (I do).

  31. I couldn't work for a car plant..they strike too much..I don't care how much the car companies make..I have bills to pay..the union is stringing workers along for their own nefarious purposes..sometimes you just have to budget..look at the writers and such..they're living in their cars,on welfare,can't pass a drug test to get another job and for what?..nothing so far..if you have kids and a spouse..sometimes you have to grin and bear it until opportunity presents much the movie industry makes shouldn't concern you if you're working..have you seen the job market lately?..are you doing better right now? the time the strikes are over you'll be so in debt with messed up credit that that raise won't matter..good luck with that..