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Autopsy results of Jeffrey Epstein revealed

Attorneys of the accused sex-trafficker are not satisfied by the ruling that his death was by suicide and plan to do their own investigation.

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  1. I think for the most part SE was paying off the inmates to cooperate in the attempt to get JE out of his cell without them saying anything, turn a blind eye as the saying goes. Also it still witnesses to me that JE is still alive and gone under ground to life. Notice that most of the reports are saying that he hung himself with a bed sheet, but they are not saying as a second viewing for the world to see this perv in his dead state. Also the ear markings of a corpse was shown and the fact which was made very clear that the inside ear marking was not the same as JE, no go figure that !!! I say that JE is alive.

  2. We are supposed to believe Jeffrey Epstein has 🐝🐞been killed.
    And does it help?

  3. He's still alive. He put his mon ey in a trust so he could have it later. He can buy or black mail anyone. No funeral coverage…. ? Where is Ms. Maxwell.?. She can deny wrong doing but she has disappeared from the face of the earth for questioning? I'm calling B.S

    Reported for being spam/misleading.

  5. He killed himself because it was his time to joy his mentor…he gave himself to Devil, and Devil came back to him to claim his soul, simple as that…He did killed himself…people are speculate about murder, as people always do when someone super rich dies…

  6. The NYPD decided that Epstein got away with raping young girls so he had to pay. That's why the Guards didn't make their assigned rounds. They were in Epsteins cell killing him. The low lives that NYC hires are not above murder for hire.

  7. Prince andrew and bill clinton should fly JPATS because they fucked kids with epstein (and they put special ops on epstein because he knew too much).

    Police inquiry will go nowhere 100%, and whatever comes out will be lies.

  8. This is so much more than an investigation into sex crimes. Now it is about conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to prevent testimony that would change the very govt. Of this country.

    The American people have been turned into mindless idiots who don't care about anyone but themselves.

    Wake up people!

  9. Death presumes that the medical examiner has the right body and is supplying the correct information. Money talks. The public knows that it is being deceived, but does not know how this stunt was achieved. Was the switch made during the first visit to hospital with a double taking the place of Epstein? Or was his body brought back to life from a drug induced state of hibernation much like the way an overdose victim is recovered with an opiate blocker? Naloxone brings back to life apparently dead fentanyl victims. Was the ambulance that arrived at the hospital the same one that left the detention center? His brother has a vested interest in falsely identifying a corpse that bears no resemblance to Jeffrey Epstein and is presumed not to be reliable.


    Mossad has their man in place. They were not going to let him hang. The first trip to the hospital was a rehearsal. This time the dosage was adjusted to slow down his heartbeat sufficiently so that his countenance acquired a death-like pallor. A similar body prepared beforehand was sent to the medical examiner.

    A trust is useful if you are the prima facie, but not the beneficial owner of assets.

    Jeffrey Epstein is following in the footsteps of Edmond Dantes aka the Count of Monte Cristo.

  10. the coroner was scared for their life if they told the truth that this was a murder…the levels of corruption go so deep it's crazy

  11. Israels real James Bond! Epstein, Jeffry Epstein- Shalom!

  12. Every day goes by it turns out the crazy kooky conspiracy theorists were
    right. Won't say every single one of them are correct about stuff but a
    lot of them knew this would happen among other cover ups. And people,
    instead of researching it, continue to have false information spoon fed
    to them and keep their head in the sand and act as if the government
    would never betray the people, despite the fact the government is
    willing to send a parent's son or daughter to fight in pointless wars.
    Because no government in history has ever covered up anything right?

  13. Uh, ABC? Your title is autopsy results revealed. You say very little about that in this clip.

  14. That's bullshit Back I try to protect himself that man was under witness protection program they had cameras on him 24 hours A-day someone has to release those videos can someone killed them

  15. bin laden s original trainer was suposed to do life, he just disapeared from a max security prison and everyone just shrugs their shoulder lol

  16. What a friend for. I know he was murder a royal and president. He will not end his life

  17. Nu uh this man is on a permanent vacay in Israel hes chillen grinning while watching news clips of himself

  18. Women violated by Eps were paid for their services, some by cash, some food, some were given a room to stay…Thats the American way…
    So much for freedom….

  19. I'm so happy there is an "official" ruling of death from credible sources……finally. And here I thought he was murdered or swapped out. Silly me, what was I thinking. Oh, well. Case closed.

  20. Lies. Everyone knows he was assassinated. We all said he'd be killed as soon as he was arrested and placed in the prison.

  21. The only thing stunning about this situation is that any of the moron public actually believe this garbage.
    After so many Decades of Christian decadence and dehumanization of the Common Man in the same category be it Finance, political, or sexual criminality and enslavement they must come up with a token Jew to appease the Christian mushroom. minions. From the rosenbergs to Madoff to Epstein.
    From now on when considering the ultra-rich or Ultra powerful I consider the witness protection program to be the unwitness Protection Program.

  22. Arpad Busson’s (mentioned in the Little Black Book) charity ‘Ark
    Schools’ is sponsor of the Ark Academy in Brent, London.

    It is indisputably the case that there is something beneath
    this school.

    What lies beneath the Ark Academy in Brent?

  23. Not one picture of him in prison or in one prison jumpsuit. No video either. I'm not buying this B.S. HE IS PROBABLY ON THE BEACH SIPPING ICE TEA

  24. Did he come out in a body bag or on the gurnee with oxygen?

  25. Epstein was spotted outside of Tel aviv healing from facial reconstruction. He is staying with a Rabbi that is well known in Israel.

  26. Everybody he is alive and in Israel. The veil is over your eyes where is the body? No funeral nothing like that. Epstein is alive wake up maybe a face change but he is alive.

  27. Breaking news: Today while the medical examiner was at lunch Jeffrey Epstein cremated himself.

  28. Damn, whores coming out the woodwork on him. Wonder what they want? Couldn’t be money, could it?

  29. A question for the day:

    Was the coroner myopic (short sighted) like Mr Magoo?

  30. I kind of feel sorry for that girl but she took the money quite well she could have walked out anytime they weren't kidnapped

  31. A heart attack would have been a bit more "credible"…

  32. Lol…I dont believe hes dead. Damn media

  33. He also managed to bruise his left temple and break several bones in his neck using only a bedsheet.

  34. Killed off for sure.. how stupid do they think the rest of us are.

  35. Definately sounds suspicious and corrupt. He lived in a dark world and did horrid things. Just like on the streets, if you hang with bad people, you get bad results. Someone probably shut him up so he couldn't nark them out.

  36. He was suicided. They hav hundreds of CCTV in that prison. Everyone is always on Camera prisoners visitors and guards. Even on the Toilet.
    How did the guards knew the CCTV was off and they could sleep? Fred Flintstone Mr: Prince Bonesaw Dr. Strangelove knew it too.
    They sneek in with the dark glasses and suit and suicided Epstein.

  37. Now he will rot in hell for ever!!!!!

  38. If there is a "deep state", we should expect to see a massive distraction from this story in the next few days or weeks. Something catastrophic like a massive terror attack or nuke going off should be expected.

  39. Also, interesting in that this particular jail he was housed in didn't have one case of suicide since they opened in either '74 or '75. The reason he was placed in this jail, the same as El Chapo was placed in, was due to their strict measures. Even people who've served time there have spoken out to negate that there was NO way his alleged suicide could've taken place, in addition to ALL the other "problems" that just so happened that night. Malfunctioning cameras which never happens & BOTH guards on duty (one of which wasn't a qualified guard) falling asleep? BULLSHIT.

  40. Anyone who actually researched ALL the info/evidence regarding Epstein, his cases & all his co-conspirators who still believes whole-heartedly he committed suicide is either a complete idiot or naive beyond belief.

  41. U all know the people he knew right just look it up

  42. gold diggers… are every where… smh

  43. I get the distinct feeling that he was murdered by high ups who have the secret power to order it within the prison. Dead men do no talking…..

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