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#AutumnTrends #2022Trends

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What I’m Wearing:
Omega jewellery –


Trend 1:
Vest –

Trend 3:
Midi skirt –

Trend 4:
Stripe dress –
Sandals –

Trend 5:
Khaki bardot dress –

Trend 7:
Mules –

[Valentino shearling boots –]

Trend 9:
Blue floral dress –

Trend 10 & 11:
Balloon sleeve dress –
Waist belt (similar) –
Heels –

Floral dress –
Gucci coat –

Kitchen garden dress –

00:00 – Intro
01:32 – Trend 1
03:14 – Trend 2
03:30 – Trend 3
04:28 – Trend 4
06:21 – Trend 5
07:34 – Trend 6
08:15 – Trend 7
09:18 – Trend 8
10:37 – Trend 9
13:14 – Trend 10, 11 & 12
16:21 – Floral Dress
17:00 – Autumn Trends

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  1. The BEST thumbnail I've ever seen!!!

  2. Your hair looks beautiful no matter how you wear it! You are beautiful inside and out sweetheart! It is just who you are!!

  3. I prefer buying accessories only, I mean honestly these puffy sleeved maxi dresses are rather boring & they are old lady looking as well. But most of us Americans, I believe tend to wear what WE like. Just don’t care @ trends one iota

  4. Luv the green metallic dress without the belt. I agree the floral deeper green is nice for Fall. You're funny, Josie when you get excited for the next season.🌻😄 Thanks.🇺🇸

  5. Every time Josie says the word autumnal or autumn, take a shot !!!!!!?😅🤣😂

  6. I found some incredible Mach & Mach dupes on Amazon too! Theses shoes were glorious 🤗

  7. Cant wait until September 1st to bring out my glass pumpkin jar and fill it with sweeties whilst I still enjoy the last rays of summer

  8. Hey dear what a lovely video I personally can’t wait for fall so excited for beautiful weather! Your style is always so classy I adore it🤗🤗

  9. 🐼 Big Panda Bear Hugs from a 69 yr old grandma in Texas, USA. 🐼 ❤ 🎀 👍 🧚‍♂ 🐈 🧚 🍀 💐

  10. Love the green floral dress 🤩 very chic.

  11. I found your previous post unpractical and totally unnecessary ! Where I don’t believe were all purchased mainly for a holiday. I smell a rat. Sorry!

  12. i've been waiting for this years autumn trends video with great anticipation, i love your styling tips. a wonderful video as always 💗

  13. Thanks for another video. You have given me lots of ideas! Hugs from northern Spain once again

  14. I’m surprised that of all the improvements you’ve made in the house you never seem to discuss solar panels to provide electricity. Is this prohibited because of the age of the house?

  15. Again, blue looks really beautiful on you! The multi-colored "circus" dress reminds me of hot air balloons…very colorful!

  16. I wish Oasis shipped to US. I love that Olive and pink floral dress, brown shoes and bow sandals. Thank you for always bringing such great stuff to us. Would you and Charlie consider making videos on how to style your home and shop wisely? You both seem to always find the most gorgeous home decor that is so elegant and well thought out. I hope this makes sense what we need. My style is yours and I get confused on pinpointing exactly how to stay on track when buying decor. We need that help :).

  17. You are v sweet and mega successful so young, such wealth! However, your market rich. So many will struggle to pay heating not clothes?

  18. Love your dresses….loathe sports fashion…enough is enough of that…best wishes

  19. The dark florals trend is my favourite 6:20, the green dress with the pink fleurs and voluminous sleeves is so striking. I love how you incorporated the sheer and metallic trends, I wasn't sure how to do it. The Erdem dress too is beautiful, I wish it was a more luxurious fabric for that price

  20. yay loved this! More fashion content please 🙂 xx

  21. I live in the US & we did the hot air balloon/parachute thing in Gym or Phys Ed class in elementary school. I really thought those shoes were Chloe until you said they weren't. Did you ever find your missing Jimmy Choo shoe?

  22. Enjoyed your look of consternation before discussing the thigh-high boots. Love the dark florals.

  23. The trends are ghastly. No need to include. Really darling stay with taste.

  24. I was up late( till 5am) with my 2 dogs that are terrified of thunderstorms. Woke up and I thought it is Sunday and Josie should have a video. Not ready for Autumn, still enjoying summer, pool and patio. However American football is starting !

  25. The noughties was all about the tank top, you can see the trends transitioning from the 90's to the 00's. Xx only part of the way in, the dresses are so lovely on you xx

  26. I just love oasis fashion, so disappointed it’s only online now xxx

  27. Thank you Josie For The Trends. Xx 😊😘

  28. The dress looks beautiful on you. However one needs to be thin thin