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A weekly vlog including some VERY exciting unboxings! My DREAMY new Chloe bag, plus some HIGHSTREET outfits for Autumn!
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❤ FEATURED in this video ❤

River Island Fringe Jacket –
Valentino Shoes –
Ted Baker Playsuit –
Artisan Anything Bag –
Pandora Open Bangle –
Pandora Necklace –
Pandora Earrings –
Pandora Rose Sparkling Strand Bracelet –
Pandora Love you Lock Charm –
Pandora Rose Bangle –
Pandora Rose Mesh Bangle –
Pandora Heart Ring –
Pandora Classic Band Ring –
Ted Baker Dress –
Bronzed Valentino –
Mulberry Mini Seaton Bag –
Topshop Snake Skin Dress –
Chloe Tess Bag –
Loveshackfancy –
Harris Warf London –
Topshop Corduroy skirt –
Dorothy Perkins Shoes –
Gucci Bag –
Corduroy Trousers –
Pink Bobble Jumper –
Leopard Trousers –
Topshop Rust polka dot dress –
Topshop snakeskin Blouse –
Topshop Coat –
Topshop Scallop Knit –
Oda Cream skirt –
Topshop Dress –

Sunday Riley Facial –
NailsINC colours from QVC –


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  1. I have to say as a ballet dancer, your and freddy's lines were amazing! 😍😍😍

  2. This is beautiful Bag love the Dress too I have a white coat get so much wear out of it

  3. You and Freddy are friendship goals! " This our version of swan lake" 😂 you girls crack me up x

  4. Fashion mumbler: do you lean your chin on your hand or touch your face a lot? (My mother said never touch your face after you clean and moisturize! So, everybody, keep your hands away from your face)! And…smile!

  5. Oh wow, that Chloe bag is sooo beautiful and goes so very well with the snake print shirt you had on. Thinking of getting that bag now. Are you still loving it?

  6. Hi is this the smaller tess bag?

  7. omg that Chloe bag is divine… is it heavy?? I hear Chloe bags tend to be pretty heavy.

  8. Founded 💖💖😍😘thank you gorgeous!!

  9. 33:01 your roots and your ends are two totally different colors!!! The top is very, very gray compared to the bottom!!

  10. Ah so the long bonnet on the Rolls Royce is to accommodate the umbrella!  Bridesmaids : )

  11. you and freddy looks like barbie

  12. Love the outfit with the long white skirt Bridesmaid

  13. are you and freddy related?

  14. bridesmaid 😀 love your vlogs and sense of style

  15. Bridesmaids😊 love the vlog❤️

  16. Bridesmaid! love this video 🙂

  17. You are a beautiful bridesmaid and ballerina! ❤

  18. Bridesmaids. Love your videos darling!

  19. Bridesmaid!! Love the hair colour 💕 xx

  20. Your makeup in the salon was the best I’ve ever seen. You look beautiful. 😊 Bridesmaid!

  21. Love it! The skirt and yr tan is to die for. Thx josie xxxx

  22. Oh leave the skirt the way it is, I LOVE it!! It's so classy but it doesn't look at all dowdy. You rock it!

  23. Hey u are so amazing …. why don’t u wax your arms

  24. You are a beautiful bridesmaid!!

  25. Bridesmaids!! Aw really nice vlog. I like your style and how you keep it real with high st purchases as well as treating yourself to the designer bits too. X

  26. Bridesmaid *****i like long blogs except i forget what i to comment about. Gotta say Charlies car was GORGEOUS tho!!!

  27. Wauw I need that facial, your face looks sooo amazing the morning after the magical London Colloseum evening <3

  28. Where do you buy your suede skirts? On the hunt. Thank you 👌

  29. I love watching hauls and have been doing quite lot of shopping myself recently, so this inspired me to do another haul soon but step up the filming style – I love the set up and how you show, describe and present the clothes. I'm new to your channel and really enjoy your content!

  30. Bridesmaid….. Your videos are really refreshing, even though you do fashion a lot as that is your main focus, but it never feels like you are pushing things down the throat!!!

  31. What a lovely bridesmaid look!

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