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Awaiting verdict in Ahmaud Arbery trial

ABC’s Alex Presha and Law and Crime host Terri Austin discuss the trial during the second day of the jury’s deliberation.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I've never seen a jogger stop and explore a construction site that never happens

  2. Ultimately the major problem is the public policing weither its a nosy neighnor ,landlord or acquaintance mind your own business, Biden should do the same as well as detractors

  3. Honest Aubrey was probably a prowler nobody jogs with 1 inch toenails ouch that would hurt,Aubrey probably stole the handgun,but even so they had not evidence so they had no right to make an arrest, and yes Aubrey could have just talked with them instead of being a world class jerk, it was a perfect storm of circumstances either way Aubrey paid a price the ultimate price both parties have some responsibility i hope people learn to stop overreacting when they suspect someone is not there kind of people, its the panicking public screaming any time someone seems like someone they wouldn't invite to there wedding they call police and when you accuse an innocent or somewhat innocent person ya they tend to say F**k you,Biden getting involved in the case was disgusting he's a viper a scum ,McMichaels will appeal and they should there still guilty but not 100 percent ,2 never killed him so those charges are ridiculous,

  4. This jury and the Rittenhouse jury got it right.

  5. The fact democrats involved themselves in the trial the guilty verdict will achieve nothing but unrest,the usa is a criminal justice system when a person receives multiple murder convictions for one murder? No civilized nation permits multiple punishment for 1 crime

  6. Thank GOD that some minute form of justice coming from the DEEP SOUTH magically prevailed for a guy just out jogging and wandering in a skeletal framed construction site.

  7. Rot in hell u old hill billy fuckers

  8. Had it been the other way around like the Knoxville Five, it would have never made the National News. Check that out if you have the stomach for it.

  9. One way for this lot. Send them straight to Gen pop, and let nature take it's course. One way for this lot. Send them straight to Gen pop, and let nature take it's course. Many things are possible, especially in prison. All involved in extending these mzungu’s further protection will learn by making a cost benefit analysis, reach the conclusion, that the price of protecting these mf’s might just be too high.
    Simple mathematics; too many brothers be coming at them from all angles, will at some point run them to the ground. Nothing will be forgotten, and nothing will be forgiven.
    I do not hope for an early death for these mzungus. I think they deserve hanging around for a while with da brothers, who can show dem some proper treatment; like the practice of reverting to a quadruped state of being, while experiencing the sensation of having loose back sides. All this will happen if them drop da soap or not. it will be au-to-ma-tic. Just imagine the sound of a bbc going in deep, many times, every day, and all da time, I repeat; the sensation of having loose back sides will be permanent. the look will be Baboon style after short exposure to the brothers.

  10. Dad of the year, he just ruined his son's life.

  11. Proof that the Justice system works in the United States. A man was persued, unprovoked, buy other men with guns and killed. Those white men didn't get off because of the color of their skin or the victim's. The evidence was there and they were found guilty.

    Just as in the Chauvin trial and the Rittenhouse trial, the system works and actually proves the opposite of the left and MSM's opinion that racism is still alive and strong. It is not. It is on life support, the left just refuses to pull the plug.

  12. Hope they like Prison food and penis!

  13. Wow a conviction in ga from a mostly white jury the world is changing

  14. Finally our justice system worked!@

  15. Father taught son to discriminate by color ain’t no to ways about it boys listen to their fathers unfortunately the young man was taught wrong and acted on that father son teaching two young lives families torn behind taught discrimination

  16. The jury reached the only verdict the evidence would support.

    That being said, the verdict will not bring Aubrey back and will not make his loved ones whole.

    Maybe, it only keeps from making the wounds deeper.

  17. Well the guilty verdict everyone was waiting for is in. Looks like there will be some Christmas looting going on in celebration.

  18. Let this be a lesson to all you racist idiots out there.. WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY YA MOUTH BREATHERS!!!

  19. Amazingly, the two high profile cases had the jury reach the correct decision in both.

  20. We all know they'll guilty by default for defending their homes against trespassing joggers.

  21. WE finally got a victory for the U. S. A. 💪🏾💯❤️👏🏾🇺🇸

  22. After this verdict, expect to see a lot more black joggers entering homes to "look around" and "ask directions."

  23. Revelation 13:10

    “He that leadeth into captivity shall go
    into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the
    sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.”

  24. I don’t know if they ever said I am sorry even once. Did they every say I am sorry at least once?

  25. There was a time in America not long ago when these men would have walked. Thank God that time is over.

  26. One thing’s for sure… Sharpton is making $.

  27. I can't think of a worse place to be than a Georgia prison after killing a black man!

  28. Remember this is "racist" But not racist what happened in that parade.

  29. BLM is gonna have an early "Black Friday" at stores near you!!!

  30. So much time over a stupid court case. Let's talk about how the Puppet Joe Biden is destroying the US.
    Disastrous Covid response.
    Open borders and drugs pouring in
    Tax and spend
    BLM riots and skyrocketing crime
    Just to name a few

  31. Scummy jury will let them off.

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