Monday , October 26 2020
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Babin shreds Dems for blaming Mexico migrant ‘tent cities’ on Trump

Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, discusses President Trump’s immigration policies and how the Democrats have reacted to them.

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  1. A lot of us Democrats are leaving cause of this. No worries about the farmers being killed cause of South African President Julius Malema saying “cut the throats of the whites” Democrats are so sick they cover it up. They can’t just jump a fence. Democrats say whites are all racist. When the bureau of justice and CDC say whites are not the ones doing 90% of it.

  2. To have elected this radical Muslim Omar to Congress shows how much democrats really hate America!

  3. Some one gag her with her head scarf

  4. In regards of "free entry" to America as proposed by Ilhan Omar has she any plans to COMPENSATE ALL those who have entered the USA and applied for Citizenship through the legal channels for their financial costs and time waiting??? What about "No One is Above the Law" ????? In supporting open borders she should be arrested and tried for SEDITION!!!!

  5. Man!! If I don’t want to pay taxes I go to jail ! Why ??? Why do We have to deal with this? I don’t want to pay for this !!!!
    Let the Democrats take care of them !

  6. Who told them they can just walk in ?

  7. Anyone who tries to blame the ILLEGAL ALIEN problem on anyone other than the Dems, is a liar or complete f'n idiot.

  8. Foreign countries need to vote in an American president in their countries they need brains behind their wheel

  9. They want to force the way in !!! That’s invasion !!!

  10. Omar needs to take it easy !!

  11. He Man Ogre should be imprisoned

  12. Shouldn’t Omar be arrested for encouraging illegal entering of the USA. She is a fifth colonist.

  13. Omar is the type of person to make a problem and then blame the issue the problem creates for the problem lol if that makes any sense

  14. Somewhere along the way, this country of immigrants became a nation and we became a people. Black, white, red, brown… whatever. We're Americans. A unique and separate people and this is our home. Not Europe, not Africa, not Asia, or South America. The places our ancestors came from are irrelevant, as is how the came here. Stolen land or conquered, either way, every atom of our body is of this dirt. So, we belong to it and it belongs to us.

    Any attempt to nullify or erase our borders, is an attempt to nullify and erase us. The Americans.

  15. I stole a candy bar as a child where's my reward

  16. Democratic Party ARE pure evil.


  18. We have to face the fact that we are in a different time and world situation than was ever imagined by our founders. We cannot go on welcoming everyone to the extent they are ruining our country by their sheer numbers, let alone the negatives that are coming with them!

  19. Chinese spy recently caught in Bay Area taking tech secrets to China. Saw special years ago about all the Chinese women coming to US just to have babies. Nurseries all set up!! Once again, thank you Pres Trump for protecting our country.

  20. Well look at that, Mexico actually doing work 👏🏽

  21. If we need people with certain skill sets then what's wrong with training AMERICANS?

  22. Overpopulation!! Stop having 9 to 15 kids!! Put on a condom!! Cause if u cant afford to support your family! Why in the world do the rest of us have to help you out?? Gtfoh!!

  23. There is a problem with our immigration system. We are letting too many in even legally!

  24. Which terrorist croup does Omar work for??



  27. The us can't solve the universe labor problems

  28. Democrats are total hypocrites. Whine about illegals living in tents but the same stupid liberals could care less about Americans living in tents in their own districts. What jerks.

  29. Omar is simply an idiot…I know that if myself and my wife were visiting a foreign nation and she gave birth to a child, we wouldn't even consider the idea of our child being a citizen of that country. We are Americans who incidentally gave birth while on vacation somewhere else, but nonetheless are going back to our home of origin to live…DUH

  30. Thank god we have Trump for president! If we had the Frump instead , all these ignorant freeloaders would be here living off our tax dollars, or undercutting American citizens, by working for less, and taking their jobs.then we wind up with Americans living in tents.

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