Wednesday , September 30 2020
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Baby elephant still strong after bullet wounds | Animalkind

A young elephant shows unbreakable spirit after being shot.

RELATED VIDEO: Snare wrapped around baby elephant’s trunk:

Luggard the elephant is still young enough to drink formula milk, but has already endured more pain than many of us will in a lifetime. He still walks with a limp, but his caretakers and elephant friends support him all the way.


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  1. Poor baby elephant 🐘❀️

  2. Sweet adorable baby. So glad he's doing better and pray he stays safe and lives a long life.β€πŸ‘β˜ΊπŸ˜ God bless this man for caring and helping him too.

  3. Giant in all animals great elephant

  4. Bless his heart ❀️

  5. Why dit the defense rocketsystem not work in Saoudi Arabya? Dit they buying a not working System from the US? And What does this mean to the defense of the US itself?

  6. Poor Elephant, I hope he servives okay !!!πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ‘

  7. Sweet baby! Hope he lives a full happy life❀️

  8. So sad the person who shot the elephant I would shoot that person.

  9. can't they give it something for pain

  10. This made me think various things ….but what most impressive is respect for being wild

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