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Baby elephant still strong after bullet wounds | Animalkind

A young elephant shows unbreakable spirit after being shot.

RELATED VIDEO: Snare wrapped around baby elephant’s trunk: https://youtu.be/Tk-s15oVECY

Luggard the elephant is still young enough to drink formula milk, but has already endured more pain than many of us will in a lifetime. He still walks with a limp, but his caretakers and elephant friends support him all the way.


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  1. Poor baby elephant 🐘❤️

  2. Sweet adorable baby. So glad he's doing better and pray he stays safe and lives a long life.❤👍☺🐘 God bless this man for caring and helping him too.

  3. Giant in all animals great elephant

  4. Why dit the defense rocketsystem not work in Saoudi Arabya? Dit they buying a not working System from the US? And What does this mean to the defense of the US itself?

  5. Poor Elephant, I hope he servives okay !!!😊❤👍

  6. Sweet baby! Hope he lives a full happy life❤️

  7. So sad the person who shot the elephant I would shoot that person.

  8. can't they give it something for pain

  9. This made me think various things ….but what most impressive is respect for being wild

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