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Backlash over Syria pullout, Supreme Court reviews gay rights cases, Hong Kong protests | ABC News

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  1. Propaganda machine lamestreamedia 🙊🙉🙈

  2. Independent voters support President Trump's Agenda 🇺🇸 🇺🇸👍

  3. i can't believe this guy said such a dumb confident quote. Keep it up Trump, the more you act like this the more evidence there is that you are just not fit for office.

  4. The president is making the right move. Focus on south ASIANS. ASIANS is a much more bigger problem.

  5. All of ur shit is embarrassing

  6. O it’s America’s news’s…

  7. There’s genoside in Africa . Camps in North Korea and we’re talking about dum shit

  8. lol how may deaths from cigarettes lol

  9. So if we stay in Syria we aren’t supposed to be there but if we leave were abandoning allies fighting THEIR war

  10. ❌ tRump is a
    Yellow Bellied Treasonous
    Traitor to the Kurds

  11. Russia plans a "final assault " against the anti ASSAAD regime in Syria. (According to THE NATIONAL – CBC NEWS). Was there a cooperation built in to Trump's abrupt decision after speaking with Ergodon (Turkey).


  13. The vaping epidemic lol…these illnesses are due to vitamin e in bootleg thc carts!! Nothing else! Stupid ass mindless drones…as far as juul? These dumb ass kids knew it was addictive when they CHOSE to vape…

  14. Wake up people !!! Media ….is all bullshit and if you dont get it …then your not awoken

  15. I wish there was an active Anti-War movement in America. I suppose we must deal with perpetual wars since no one cares.

  16. Turkish terrorist regime is not USA Friend,Do not leave Kurds alone,Kurdish people are protecting christians and Ezidi and Armenian and others,Turkish brutal army slaughter all.

  17. funny how democrats wanted to end the war at Vietnam, leaving our south Vietnamese counterparts with not enough weapons and men to fight off the vet cong forces. Now they want our boys to stay in Syria? The irony. Both the republican and democrat party have helped this countries democracy, but also both of them have made terrible decisions. We need both parties in order to balance things. Today it seems that the only good thing they are doing is just exposing or criticizing each other.

  18. ‘You’re a Wizard Harry’ oh great and wise one. 🐰🎩👑🔱

  19. I think ISIS will regroup

  20. Turn off your teLEVision and research the federal reserve

  21. Trump 2Q2Q toughest president ever!

  22. I wonder why only Americans are dying from vaping. I smell to stink from American tobacco

  23. We won't you report on Prince Andrew ties to Epstein? That's a real story!

  24. I am Dutch and Can tell you those are not Tulips i understand why they dont like them

  25. Someone explain to me why it's not ok to blackface but it's ok for men to pretend to be women! Complete BS


  27. Get us out of of the endless wars. Trump has delivered again! Trump 2Q2Q read it and weep suckers. Let them to care of it we are not the world's policemen .

  28. John 3:16
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

  29. It's an antiestablishment move. Let the EU play babysitter, if their man spreading laws will allow. Bring all the troops back. My favorite part was how he disregarded the Pentagon. As a leftist, I'll be quick to be honest: trump is the most antiwar president in my adult lifetime, starting with Reagan.

  30. “I am an extremely stable genius”

    Best president ever ,Donald J. Trump
    💯MAGA 2020 KAG

    Keep up the great work you are doing, SIR

  31. People should give the royal family some space and privacy.
    They are people just like you and I. Of course people are going to want to see them, touch them, and take a photo of them. However, their privacy should be respected. They should not be followed around by news media trying to get photos of them 24 hours a day seven days a week.
    Entersepting phone calls is a violation of privacy. So is taking photos of them on a nude beach and then publishing them. It is ridiculous how much the media swarms around the royal family.
    Their is a time and a place for everything. People who are professional photographers should know the difference between right and wrong. And so should publishers.

  32. The sooner we dump trump, the better.

  33. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham have a share in trump's idiotic, incoherent, and irresponsible presidency. I know I hold them accountable!

  34. The vaping deaths are from bootleg THC products. Nothing to do with tobacco.

  35. It should have been done long ago. It's time to bring our troops home. Trump gets it. Corrupt establishments of both parties do not have a clue as usual.

  36. Trump is already supporting the Saudi’s in their campaign of genocide in Yemen. So genocide is perfectly ok in his great and unmatched wisdom.

  37. God, in his great and unmatched wisdom, decided to betray his allies. Sorry God, Trump did it.

  38. No free speech in China.

  39. I'm so sick and tired of this G@DD@M misinformation about e-cigarettes
    If I as an adult, can't piss nor fart because a few officials and big pharma
    want to stuff their pockets for them selves and say it's for the children,
    I'm personally going to kick your a$$. F#@#K YOU!

  40. Trump betrayed the Kurds who helped fight against ISIS. No wonder the world hates us!

  41. So tired of the democrats conspiracy theories….

  42. The Kurdish people backed up the American troops and the 5 TIME DRAFT DODGER douchebag in chief abandons our allies. TRAITOR……

  43. Good decision by Donald trump

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