Thursday , November 26 2020
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Backup home generator stock surges as PG&E turns CA power off

Generac Chairman and CEO Aaron Jagdfeld on how his backup home generator company has been positively affected by the intentional PG&E power outages in California.

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  1. It is just a green new deal experiment.

  2. Democrats sure know what they are doing. I mean massive homeless, horrible dirty streets, over priced fuel, high illegal alien crime, and pour planned power grid. When are you guys going to wake up and fire all Democrats?

  3. He is full of it. This "extreme weather" is 100% controlled/controllable by MEN using technology. Nothing to do with normal/natural so-called "climate change" fear porn spread by mentally ill creatures like Greta spew. Not scientific, only political.

  4. This is a liberal state? one works on equality laws and highly laiden laws they fight over on equality but not electric staying running?

  5. I'm sure Pelosi and all her buddies in congress made sure to buy stock before it went up after being alerted, before it actually happened.

  6. Gretta, Disney News, FOUL Foresting Practices, and one Ilk PROFITS as per Rev 3:9

  7. CA should ban portable generators because of high emissions…or something 🥴that’ll show em!

  8. californias pain is self induced and we're all paying for it . . .typical

  9. The fumes from the generators will speed up global warming/cooling/whatever.

  10. I don’t understand how a state could be so under managed in today’s world. Democratic values I guess Jesus

  11. Do not belive you not trie they set the fires.

  12. Where’s the SJW outrage? Where’s Greta Thunberg. How come windmill and solar hasn’t filled the gap? Maybe because it’s all snake oil and virtue signaling by a bunch of hypocrite liberals

  13. california helping capitalism…………………………………

  14. This problem can all be blames on the Environmental nature of the State of California. PG&E are not allowed to clean and clear the power-line right of ways! Can't clean the fuel off the floor of the forests so when Mother Nature cleans she has a much bigger broom!

  15. PG &E is as corrupt as all the democrat leaders in all of the USA.,Democrat leaders in Cali tells their people in the state to put in solar in, raise your prices so those people can not ever be able to pay for it.can't even give solar power away.

  16. Every community should have a solar station.


  18. California is burning like hell, but not to worry, Governor Newsom is getting rid of plastic shampoo bottles in hotel rooms. Now don't you Californians feel better? You may lose your home, but Governor Newsom is "grabbing your guns", now I know your feeling better. Right? This ia a slight lesson on how things would be with the "New Green Deal". GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Sounds like some inside trading to me

  20. California will have nothing but tacos to eat before long

  21. Oh fox business what a scam site you are they are doing a stock pump job for Generac shame on you.. Oh by the way this stock has fallen $3 dollars from it's high expect it to return to $78 in the next few weeks.. so if you didn't get in it's too late the play is over.

  22. Where's Elon musk when they need him?

  23. I can see Tesla’s plugged into fossil fuel burning power generators running non-stop. Maybe they’ll use bio-diesel to feel good about themselves. Oh well.

  24. What media will never tell you is PG&E was greatly restricted by lawyers from 'tree huggers' and other environmental groups, from cutting the trees and lands possibly affected by transmission cable sparking. The Liberals in Ca. made the 'screwed if you do, screwed if you don't models where eventually the model goes wrong… and the Liberals, while causing it, blame the company.Had PG&E been given control of the different aspects needed to prevent fires then PG&E would have done so. As to blackouts, again Liberals in California decided power production wasn't wanted unless it was power production from money losing kinds of power production- California buys huge amounts of electricity made from outside/other States companies.

  25. One should always have a back up power plan if can. Especially if have a freezer full of food.


  27. Imagine how all these engines are going to effect the environment.

  28. Great their NEW ILLEGALS won’t have such a hard time fitting in now everybody SHITS on the SIDEWALK !

  29. Fox business turned green for China agriculture's deal after Japan?

  30. Backup home GENERATOR market surges. Great GENERATOR just backed up Home 🤗.

  31. 2:11 He WRONG … govt FAILURE to keep power grid working

  32. Agenda 2030 Reptilian: "How much of the green new deal do you want to give them?"
    PG&E: "yes!"

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