Bailout 2.0: Parents fume over Biden’s new big $475B handout

Constitutional attorney Mark Smith discusses whether Biden’s new student loan bailout is legal on ‘The Big Money Show.’ #foxbusiness #bigmoneyshow

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  1. I didn’t co-sign for anybody, you borrowed, you pay.

  2. KJP has to quit referring to Bidenomics as a positive thing. Its not, & its killing us.

  3. But we don't have 5 billion for a wall….

  4. This lady must be delusional it hasn't went down she's f**** insane

  5. Discriminating against hard working citizens. It should be illegal, definitely unethical.

  6. The black b is a f en lier!

  7. Where you getting your numbers

  8. I want to buy a new VE pickup truck. Will Biden pay for it? How about a bigger house a yacht? Since we are bailing out doctors and lawyers, do we get free services?

  9. Then why hasnt food prises gone down thats when ill believe that crap hell its going up

  10. This is WRONG!
    These students chose to go to college and knew they would owe for their education!
    No one forced them to go! Why should people who have already paid for their college loans have to pay for someone else's 😡


  12. FnCK you buckwheat!!! And all the assh0les that took student loans!!

  13. Lies . This was already in the works . These are old loans that are defaulted for 20 + years . There is no Money to pay. BS as usual Fox

  14. She's LIEING snd joe Biden is trying to buy votes with our tax money is joe going to pay back the father's and mother's who took out second mortgages to pay our kids bills people like youand me i payed for 3 and a lot of people did 3 or more this is not right we're going to have to pay twice our kids and now someone else's college loans i say hell no

  15. How about an attorney working as a debt collector who owes more money than the people their holding accountable to pay a debt . Hypocrisy at its finest . Just saying.

  16. Republican's sure do love socialism when their corporate donors get huge Corporate Welfare Subsidies, and it's much needed. When American's get relief, then it's Socialism! 😡🤮😡

  17. "Bidenomics"- Spending other people's money, while telling them how much You saved.

  18. No not right nothing has come down. How does this thing keep such an important position?

  19. What a liar, Our deficit keeps increasing and that is why the hidden tax on inflation is increasing.. Yes the month to month over all has come down that just means it's not increasing as rapidly as it was… At that inflation's coming down just a way of measuring it… Now seen a reduction So if something increased months by month at 8.5% last year and it's only increasing at 6.5 this year it's still increasing just not as rapidly… Anyone who's had basic math can figure this stuff out.

  20. Let's be honest and Biden's 50 years in politics has he ever actually done anything responsible or ethical for that matter
    What they're trying to accomplish yes get more votes that's a given but the long game involves the destruction of America

  21. How do you know she is lying….her lips are moving, and sound is coming out.

  22. She is a fool for being up there at the podium. I paid my loans! No one other than me has paid . I should not be taxed for some one else's loan..their responsibility. How about us working folk all quit work? Who will pay then? Uhhhhh get that potato out of there!!!

  23. This president has no problem spending hundreds of billion of our dollars every other week. Biden is the reason inflation is creating increasing stress on society.

  24. progressive liberalism destroying America 👎

  25. He and his cast of misfits are pos.


  27. Fudge Pop KJP lies for her boss the liar. They are arrogant and think we are stupid. Buying votes.

  28. COME ON MAN yes people believe a WHITE HOUSE LIAR

  29. Joe Biden is a TERIOUS and the biggest threat to the American People ..his is the puppet of the right wing .. I have lost all respect is our government .. we the people need to clean the House Out .

  30. Will somebody please take the keys, the money, the nuclear code, away from this old fool,? He screws up everything he touches, so please, please, dont let him touch anything else. Especially little kids.

  31. What about the Kids in High School now, will they get the same deal next year. And the next ?

  32. It has not come down over $1 trillion! It has probably gone up more than that since this administration took over!

    JB and this CORRUPT government is going to cause a civil uprising with things like this! And what about ALL of those prior who took the RESPONSIBILITY as an ADULT and worked hard to pay off their school loans?? Is. JB planning on footing the bill for paying back ALL those graduates? If so, how many years back is he going to go?

  34. NO ONE should have to pay for someone elses COLLEGE loan!!!!!!!!!! If this happens, this country will protest!!!


  36. Make us wanna SCREAM!!

  37. So tired of hearing this administration say that they've brought down inflation and the deficit…such lies

  38. So after office I would say that if anything is found not to be correct and giving away America taxpayer money when they don't want that to happen should have their wealth stripped from them and their family.

  39. It's wealth distribution and is completely against the constitution. The supreme court did nothing mor than to apply the tenants of our founding document!!