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Baker Mayfield’s officiating comments, Mike Pereira & Dean Blandino react | FOX NFL

Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino react to Baker Mayfield’s comments on officiating following the Cleveland Browns’ loss against the Seattle Seahawks in week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Baker Mayfield’s officiating comments, Mike Pereira & Dean Blandino react | FOX NFL

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  1. What did you think about Baker Mayfield’s comments?

  2. I’m going to start asking if the game is fixed. The calls are so bad I can’t come up with anything else. Not a Browns fan either

  3. Go f*ck yourselves you rich snobby pieces of s*it. I don't care about the Browns. That is pathetic that you put this out there after how terrible the officiating has been. F*ck your ego. This is ruining the game of football. You all need to be replaced by an A.I. based officiating program something technology today can easily be made possible to do if the NFL would pay the right man to do it (Elon Musk). I've loved this game since I was a kid. I turned off the television bc of this garbage. Fans just want football, not your ego and personal vendettas. You may not get fined you rich snob, but you need to accept the fact that when ppl perform poorly at their JOB they should get let go from said job. Honestly, I know the NFL is seeing this. You're right you shouldn't be fined. You should be fired for your comments and for posting this garbage of a response. Technology is better than you and your ego. Get the h*ll out of here with this nonsense. What matters is the fans (customers) and their experience.

  4. These two need a weekly podcast. A plethora of knowledge and wisdom to hear.

  5. Refs are never good. Stop relying on calls. Be a better team.

  6. The Refs blew a big call in the KC Game the non PI call was correct but it was either Holding or Illegal contact against the Texans Defender on Kelce.
    If you go back and watch the video after they had already called it PI both teams went up to the line of scrimmage the Refs stepped in between the 2 teams so the ball could not be snapped. The Refs huddled up and one Officials was listening to someone talk in his ear piece as they talked they then came back and said there was no Penalty?
    No challenge flag was throw so why was an outside official allowed to be a part of this call.

  7. I'm not surprised that they dont see that refs this year have been awful

  8. Officiating has been horrible all year. Stop making excuses for them

  9. No clear and Obvious evidence thier was 3 camera angles they showed in the stadium where he clearly stretched the ball over the goal line with possession of the ball the ball didn’t come out of his hand until he hit the ground in the end zone

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