Thursday , September 24 2020
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Bangar explains why Pant will find it tough to break into the XI | IND v NZ, 2nd T20I preview

We look at 5 things to watch out for from the second T20I between New Zealand and India in Auckland

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  1. As I watch this video. India already got rid of both Munro and Guptill😄😄

  2. Pant was selected due to Social Media pressure in the team

  3. Funnier thing is for everyone to come in to the team depends on hardik pandya's presence in the team including kulcha playing together and pant's inclusion in the team

  4. New Zealand is a good country to play cricket

  5. Pant played well in test match against England

    What happened to him now

  6. Raunak chutiya hai. Bahut bara wala

  7. Pant made for t20 he should play

  8. Importance of hardik pandya is,
    #Best allrounder current time gor world cup t20
    #to play kul-cha together should come hardik in playing xi
    #now ti play rishab too,hardik should come
    What a valuable player hardik is😋😮😮

  9. Felt so much calm pausing the video after listening to 3 minutes. Felt like watching the video in 1.5x speed and the noise in the background 😖

  10. Kohli in the thumbnail """"behencho Abhi vi photo lega? Hagne to de! """"""

  11. Let the man speak, came here to listen to Bangar not u Raunak…

  12. “Formar” Coach???? Not expected from ESPN.

  13. India will loose the toss batting first, will pile up a good score and win the game still .

  14. "Formar" ESPN? No spell check before you publish?

  15. I was there for 1st T20 and will be there today. I am excited because NZ wants to win this time. It will be a tight game than the first one.

  16. Raunak looks like he drinks and shows up with a hangover to work everyday?

  17. Simple, Everyone just bowl like Bumbra 😇

  18. the distance from straight boundary and inner circle is shorter than bumrah's run up

  19. 48m boundary in international cricket😯

  20. Pant needs to play in T20. Let him keep and bat at 5

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